Fat of the Land

Very interesting and some of the principles I’ve added into my eating habits… I only ever use butter no margarine or spreads and full fat cheeses too and you all know I like that clotted cream on my weekly scone and I have thrown a suet dumpling into a stew once or twice.

One Small Change at a Time

In 1910 you couldn’t find any home in the USA that didn’t cook with animal fats. Suet, Lard, Tallow were found in every region and were universally loved and trusted. Heart disease was not yet even on the radar of the medical community, people just didn’t yet die of heart attacks. When I was born in 1960 things were beginning to change. Heart disease was now in the forefront of problems afflicting aging men, even the President of the USA, Dwight Eisenhower had had a heart attack, terrifying the nation at the thought of a Nixon Presidency, but I digress.

Through many years of mangled science and horrible advice we now live fifty years later in the health debacle of an epidemic of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, liver disease, cancer, and heart disease. Heart attack may not be the number one killer any more, but only because…

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