Fitness as Forgoing Femininity

This is very interesting reading , in fact from what I’ve read so far this whole blog is worth a follow. Anyone following my story knows I am at that stage where the changes in me which cannot be seen are at times overwhelming me and I talk a lot about the whole mind set of huge weight loss and the mental transitions and aftermath. I know that understanding my new self is paramount to long term sustainability of this person I’m becoming. Reading this has given me a lot to think about and is resonating in me and helping me start to make sense of who I was, am and will be. I kind of feel like I better understand the mental process I’ve been through more. Have a read even if only from a media portrayal perspective. I’m wondering now, have I been unwittingly conditioned to go through these phases by years of watching these shows or are these stages a real important aspect of lifestyle change which producers have picked up on seemingly without even noticing and over which we have no control? Lots to think about, I will come back to this one for sure.

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“No longer can the hero rest in innocence with the goddess of the flesh; for she is become the queen of sin” – Joseph Campbell

I decided to dig up my masters thesis on the representation of fitness and summarize the message here. Looking back at it, I’m beginning to realize it actually might have contain a valuable message I can share here. Keeping with the theme of transitions, this piece demonstrates how the transformation weight loss television genre,1) represents fat as an indicator of femininity and flesh that must be renounced in favor of the masculine virtue of mental strength and discipline; and 2) the representation of the fitness transformation has several characteristics in common with ascetic Christian salvation. I demonstrate these two points through an analysis of the first season of MTV’s program, I Used to Be Fat.

The Confession

In the introduction and opening scenes, subjects of…

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