Injury…the worst thing

Noooooooo! Just when I’m at the peak of my ability to whoop the behind off this last huge chunk of fat which is still attached to me I get an injury.

After weathering an indulgent and protracted festive period with a weight LOSS (more on that later in a specific progress update post) and having managed to keep positive about bad news and having kept active and fit I felt good and ready to fight on towards my weight loss ultimate goal. My mind was in it, my heart was in it, my soul was in it and my body was in it and then …sciatica. At first on one side and then on both….ouchiee.

Now considering the way I haul this large body around and the extremes I push it to one would anticipate that I came upon this injury doing something strenuous yes? My attention to good posture and elegance would have kept all of my bits and bobs aligned yes?

No on both counts. Please don’t join my children in finding this hilarious enough to share on all of their social media but super fit mama put her back out… crocheting.

That’s right. I sat slouched in a really poor postured position for many hours watching movie after movie and relentlessly crocheting granny squares for a commissioned blanket, bean chair and cushion set. It was blissful at the time to be creating and that slouched, immobile pose was one I’d spent many an hour in before my lifestyle change with no ill effect … unless you count the the ton of weight gain and muscle atrophy.

But this new, fit, supple, flexible, well postured, kindly treated body reacted furiously at my lapse back into bad habit and now I’m in agony. I’ve got it all; lower back pain, pains down the legs, pins and needles down the legs. I can barely walk.

Now this is day three of pain and I’m beginning to have withdrawal symptoms from exercise starvation. I refuse painkillers I won’t put crap in my body but I think some natural anti-inflamatories I’m taking are having a slight effect.

I’ve been doing some stretching exercises including the lying on the back and stretching a leg over the other and letting it softly bounce an inch or so which is giving immediate relief although not long lasting. I’ve found the pillow under the hip to cause a stretch is also super effective but again not long lasting. Sitting on the edge of a bench, legs open and letting my torso roll down and hang between my legs is also offering immediate relief but again after a few minutes I’m back to pain again.

Darren, my PT called in last night and he gave me some relief by stretching me …literally. I held onto a bench and he pulled on my feet, very gently but effectively. But thirty minutes later the pain was back.

Tomorrow I have a guy coming who cured my friend’s four year shoulder pain with a mix of approaches which he warned appear rather strange but work. Sounds like a mix of faith, raiki, manipulation and mumbo jumbo to me but I’ll try anything.

I am concerned that too long immobile will set me back but mindful that I have to listen to my body and let it heal. Darren said it’s just ‘a snag’ and I have to see it like that. I had sciatica once before and it lasted about a week so hopefully this will be gone soon if I rest up and do as I’m told.

It’s just made me think of a couple of things really…how tough exercise must be for people living with painful conditions permanently or long term and how our newly fit bodies need treating with more respect. Just like the inner workings of my body revolt when I eat fatty carb stuffed foods now, my outer body revolts when I opt for slouchy posture and long periods of immobility.

I guess we get so used to not taking care of our obese bodies that we don’t appreciate at times how our new fitter healthier bodies need to be treated with respect. We kind of get used to all of the protests our fatter bodies make at their ill treatment and just accept all of those ailments such as IBS, bloating, water retention and acid reflux as normal.

Although I’m not happy to be in pain and immobilised I’m grateful for this lesson and reminder that those old sedentary habits really do need to be a thing of the past. I could have taken a couple of breaks and stood up now and then, gone and sat in my studio in my ergonomic chair to work, even sat better on the couch instead of letting myself slump. I should have been more aware of the time I spent in one place and the way I was sitting. But I didnt. Instead I let my former slob rejoice in a revisit to slumped immobility.

Things like this to me feel like the fine adjustments I have to make to my life and the way I do things and think about things. They are all a part of being healthy and fit, awareness of the potential for damage is part of being healthy and fit. Everything we do can do us good or do us harm and I have to start training my mind now to weigh up options and potential outcomes and make the right choices…in everything not just as I have become accustomed to doing with food choices.

I made a mistake, a poor judgement and am suffering the consequences. I even recall at the time thinking that it was not good for me to carry on as I was but it was comfortable and so I ignored my own subconscious warning. It felt good at the time. Then like so any wrong choices we make and so many warnings we ignore it is not at the time that the damage is apparent, that shows itself later.

I learned a good lesson from this and I’m not going to let it set me back. When I’m back to normal I’ll catch up with myself and meanwhile I’m learning ways of using the body and mind to ease pain. This is a whole new learning area for me which I’m already feeling priviledged to have some insight on. I’m also learning ways to keep using up some calories without moving much.

I wrote the main body of this post this morning and can report this evening with an update that the pain is thankfully easing so fingers crossed for a better tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Injury…the worst thing”

  1. Sciatica – I had it bad when I was younger. Only did something about it when the sudden pain on both sides dropped me to the floor. A chiropractor found one of my legs was shorter than the other, so I was manipulated, wore a foot support inside one shoe and gave up high heels. Solved – mostly. Now pain is a constant background thing I barely think about. I was at the doctor’s earlier this week and she was saying how the government will pay for me to have an assessment for pain management (must be ‘cos I’m nearly 60) and stupid me says “Pain?” in surprise. I forget, even though I was sitting there with my back in pain, and have complained to her of leg cramps and various pains of one sort or another in the past – while refusing medications. Then she started talking podiatrist and I thought, OMG, I AM getting old. So, I have sympathy with your condition – it is difficult to imagine it if you haven’t experienced it. Hopefully, reading on, I will find it has settled.


    1. Yes I’ve attacked it. I had it once 13 years ago and was warned it would always come back but i thought they were wrong… my fault for slouching and bad posturing and returning to slothful ways. You have my sympathies and you remind me of what my mother says when the doctor asks if she’s in any pain she says “I’m 80 odd years old I’m always in pain”… oh the joys of living longer.

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