Progress Update 117 is the magic number

I was going to make a post about my weight loss right after Christmas but I figured I’d wait until today to do it real justice.

I mentioned in one of my Christmas posts that I was booked in for a body fat scan in January well that happened and I also had my winter service, by that I mean I had full bloods done, an ECG, blood pressure and lung performance (due to my back injury I couldn’t do my cardio vascular fitness test) and also as I’m at that age now I had to have my first routine mammogram and I was also coincidentally due a cervical cancer test and my annual bowel cancer test. Phew! So it was a real major check.

So all came back clear. My heart and lungs are functioning perfectly, I do not have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, no sign of diabetes, my thyroid is functioning well. Tests did indicate that I’m approaching menopause now with some early signs of my entering a pre-menopausal phase… exciting! There are no worries with any of the cancer screenings and all in all things are great, it’s good news. Even my back pain is relieving but I’m still treading lightly with that one and have a draft post updating on that almost ready to publish.

I wish I could share a copy of my fat scan but I don’t have one, my GP said she would ask the receptionist if it is possible to email me one so fingers crossed it will come and I can share it but it was very interesting to see and I really wish I’d had one done at the beginning of this journey. My GP kind of pointed out where the fat would have been previously and although it wasn’t quite the same as seeing it with my own eyes for real it was quite reassuring to see how far I’ve come.

The best thing was that internally, so around my organs there is no excess fat, which must hold true with what I’d seen on a documentary that the first fat to shift when you start losing weight is the fat around your vital organs. One reason why you don’t always see a weight loss in the early days and why that first 10% of body weight lost is so important.

My legs and arms were virtually fat free on the scan, just a little around the tops on the inner thigh and inner upper arm. Even my bottom wasn’t fatty and so the majority of my body fat resides in my mid section, just as is expected with an ‘apple’ shape like myself. Even so it was interesting to see the lean muscle mass in comparison and realise that there is a lot of lean muscle going on in me right now which I was very proud of and the fat is not as significant in terms of the proportion of my body mass as it would have been eight months ago.  Good news.

My weigh in on the official doctor’s calibrated scale showed that at 230lbs  I am not too far off being out of the obese bracket in terms of BMI and into the overweight category. Anyone who follows me will know how being simply overweight is a key interim goal of mine so this is great news.

Most importantly I managed to lose 6 lbs since my last weigh in which includes the Christmas period and I’m really pleased with that. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything, I didn’t feel deprived, I indulged with some forbidden foods and I had a wonderful time so by planning and preparing and following my own advice I got through that tough time with a weight loss. Hurrah for me!

So 117 pounds of fat gone now, the end of my 140 pound goal Tracey is in sight. But most importantly I’m happier, fitter, healthier, more relaxed, more fulfilled and optimistic now than ever before. The weightloss undoubtedly made it all happen but it’s important to see the weight loss as a tool towards achieving those other important things and not the only focus of a healthier lifestyle.

By seeing it that way a slight gain or a plateau doesn’t matter, you stay on track because all of the other things are what start to become important to you. If you’re doing your best and living healthy you’re getting it right and weight loss will happen slowly but surely. Stick with it, you are worth the effort. Your life is worth the effort.


6 thoughts on “Progress Update 117 is the magic number”

  1. An astonishing achievement. If this doesn’t motivate you furhter nothing well. I can’t imagine losing 117lbs – and 6lbs over Christmas? You are a super star.


    1. Thank you it is a hefty amount of weight. Looking back it doesnt seem like its been that difficult but then its like most tricky issues in life we just have to face them head on and stop hiding and making excuses and figure out the best way to tackle them and just keep going until we win. Of course as each obstacle presented itself it was tough and it hasnt been easy but once something is behind you and beaten it loses its fear and hold over you so it seems as if its been easier than it was at the time. Still some work to be done.


    1. It soon mounts up once you’re in the zone. If someone had told me when i started out that i’d be here now i would have laughed at them but those first small steps soon add up to big strides and the strides turn into leaps really fast.

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