300 People To Thank

I passed 300 followers sometime between November and now and I’ve been meaning to post about it but I’ve been so busy or in so much discomfort it’s not been easy.

I use my phone sometimes to read blogs and watch vlogs but I hate using it to comment or compose posts as I don’t get the spell check facility and what I write is painfully bad in terms of spelling and grammar because I just can’t get used to tiny touch screens. It takes me hours to do and nine out of ten times I accidentally delete what I’ve written or post something I’ve not finished.  So I’m very much a lap top user for these things and being an old school touch typist means I can rattle out a blog post very quickly, the comparative slowness of using a smartphone annoys the heck out of me. Sadly though sitting in a comfortable position to type has proven difficult until I went really old school and dug out a keyboard which has made it easier.

BUT, I’m nearly back to normal now so hopefully I’ll get back to regular posting and commenting. I hate when I read a great post and all I can do is click like and not leave my thoughts. I love the community and social aspect of blogging and vlogging and I really love to contribute and further that by having my say when I can, if only I had time to read and comment more.

So knowing how tough it is to keep up with the many people out there in social media land (I call blogging and vlogging the quality social media because it tends to require more effort and devotion and more of ourselves than the other less quality social media such as FB, Twitter and all the various snapchat or whatever type things are out there).. sorry for the digression… knowing how tough it is to keep up with everyone I am even more grateful than I would otherwise have been, which is hugely grateful, to those people who have decided that what I ramble about is worth stopping by now and then and reading and even more grateful to those who comment and share their thoughts and experiences. It wasn’t something I’ve even consciously courted as I write more for myself and for accountability, so it’s something of a bonus for me, but it is definitely something which has hugely impacted on my blogging experience but also on my life.

The comments, advice, support, genuine caring nature of my fellow bloggers has kept me going, helped me on a practical level and has bolstered me emotionally. This battle with addiction is not one you can win alone, I thought I could but one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that you can’t, we need people either in our real lives or in our virtual lives and a good mix of both is quite useful. I find virtual friends really important as I feel that the barrier of the screen means that we are often far more honest and blunt with our advice and thoughts than our real life face to face friends might be. I know some take that to an extreme and trolls are born, but I’ve not come across any of that with my blog, it’s all been constructive and heart felt and I’m so grateful for that.

I know 300 is a very modest number by many standards but to me it’s amazing that so many people have found anything I’ve said interesting or useful. 300 people would make a great party wouldn’t it? What makes it more poignant for me is that many of those 300 take time to comment and like and each one of those likes and comments spurs me on. So thank you. Thank you also to those who read and simply don’t have time or means to comment even though they would ideally like to, I feel your pain and I thank you for just reading.

I believe vlogging and blogging is the way we as human beings will eventually reinvent communities which are being closed down in our cities and towns and villages and start to widen those communities using technology to expand them globally, to build supportive networks of friends from a huge diversity of backgrounds and experiences to enhance our lives, open up new ways of thinking and even new opportunities for us. I think these are exciting times for us to shift our focus when we think of socialising and embrace the world that is at our finger tips as well as the world that is immediately around us.  I’m happy to have quality people in my life in person and on line and it humbles me how vast  yet tiny this world we live on really is and how so much alike we all are. As barriers are broken down by this global experience, as age, gender, ability, ethnicity, religion, sexuality even all become immaterial we are able to uncover and demonstrate ourselves to be pure and simple human beings underneath a pile of unnecessary, stultifying labels.

So thank you, 300 times, thank you.


2 thoughts on “300 People To Thank”

    1. I know it is coming up to a year now. What makes me feel good about that is remembering that the good weather came more or less as I started my blog so spring can’t be far away although right now with the wind howling and the rain pouring spring feels a long way away.

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