Will You Marry Me?

Nick asked me yesterday “If I asked you to marry me what would you say?”

“What a bloody stupid question” I responded

“So you wouldn’t?” he asked

“No, I mean that’s a proposal isn’t it? That question right there… if I asked you to marry me what would you say?”

“Oh yeah I guess it is” he laughed

“Well it was a darned poor excuse for a proposal so if that’s all the effort you can put into it I’d say a definite NO”

“Oh, so what happens now?” he giggled. I’m glad someone was finding this amusing.

“You don’t ask again until you can find a better way of doing it and preferably not while I’m plucking my irritating singular chin hair which I swear is rooted in my brain and when you are not sitting on the toilet cutting your toe nails!”

I thought this one was a keeper. Pft.


9 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me?”

  1. Coward! He was really feeling the way forward. If you had said something foolish like “never in a million years, I won’t be making that mistake again”, he wouldn’t ever mention it again. You’d have to wait for a February 29th. LOL. 😀


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