Sciatica Licked!

Just an update on the sciatica… it’s gone! Totally back to normal and must say that my natural (more or less) approach to combating it worked. Although I am aware that I’m fortunate in that I could get into comfy positions and stay there for a while without having to do stuff which would have reapplied pressure so I was lucky to be able to be a near lady of leisure while I allowed my inflamed bits to settle down.

I celebrated with a lovely  new hair cut and colour and was delighted when I picked my son up from school as a surprise to take him out for dinner when he told me that I look beautiful and like I’m getting younger every day.  What better words can a near 50 year old lady wish to hear from a young gentleman?

I think losing weight can sometimes be ageing in that the plumpness of the skin can be lost but I just think the healthy glow has compensated for that and also I do lots to ensure that my skin doesn’t dry or sag with me being aware of the huge amount of weight I have to lose I try  not to end up a saggy bag of skin, surgery is something I would love to avoid if possible, I did blog my research findings into fending off loose skin once upon a time if anyone is interested in reading it here it is. Water is definitely a must to keep the skin hydrated and supple and I do still follow my own advice. Some of this has to become habit and ritualistic if you want results.

My son by the way had a big juicy Aberdeen Angus burger with all of the trimmings including huge steak cut fries. I had a chicken salad but did allow myself two of his chips which I ate so slowly and savored so well that it felt like I’d had a whole portion. We had a lovely chat about school and work and the future and I just savour those moments with him so much, I’m aware that he is fast growing into a man and we are experiencing some of our last times as he transitions. I never miss a chance to ruffle that gorgeous hair of his while I can still reach it.

We both had a lemon sorbet for dessert which was yummy and hugely refreshing. After that we went to see Night at the Museum 3 and snuggled together, him sipping on his giant diet coke and me on my Earl Grey milkless tea.

When we got home he did his homework and then ran for an hour on the treadmill and drank about a litre of water so he could use up some of those burger calories and wash some toxins away. Fitness and a healthy approach to food and exercise rubs off on the kids so easily and I love that he makes such decisions for himself. I’m not going to stop him having a burger and fries now and then as a treat or having a coke at the cinema especially not when he makes an immediate choice to get the balance right again.

These are the knock on effects, the added value to living a healthy lifestyle, the way it sets a much better example to our kids, I’d hate my kids to ever struggle with obesity the way I have/am/always will. These good lessons are hopefully going to be part of their life and that helps me to carry on and not give up when I get to a sticky patch because I want to be a good example to them, they deserve it and they are so proud of me and what I have achieved, I really couldn’t let them down or more importantly myself down now.


5 thoughts on “Sciatica Licked!”

  1. It’s so much fun to hang out with our kids, isn’t it? I have a gym and sushi date with my daughter on Wednesday that I’m really looking forward to. I’m glad you had fun with your son; he sounds so sweet.

    I think the fact that both of us have exercised and toned during our weight losses has/will probably cut down on the amount of loose skin that we have. I do have a bit of loose skin on my lower abdomen, but it’s something I can live with. I’m scared of any invasive surgery and the recovery time away from vigorous exercise.

    How is your crafting coming along?


    1. I love spending time with them and that they still love to spend time with me. My daughter’s planning a girls holiday for us this year and I’m so excited to get to share an adult holiday with just her all to myself. I can’t wait.

      My son is at that age where it is totally uncool to love your mum but he can’t deny it and has discovered lately that he is at the age where he probably needs mum more than ever but in a very different way.

      I’m starting to see him as a man but it is very hard to do when he still has those dimpled soft cheeks.

      I’m hoping that attention to the skin situation, genetics and gradual loss with toning will keep on doing what it’s doing now and keep sagging and wrinkling at bay. I definitely wouldn’t want surgery but at the same time if I did end up with unsightly bags of skin I can imagine that I might not only find them offensive but also restrictive and uncomfortable when exercising etc. So watch this space but I’m doing all I can and I won’t mind a little bit of sagging I am nearly fifty after all and i’ve abused this body so I guess I may have to accept some residual damage.

      Crafting is going great, I’m learning new skills every day it seems and my market is expanding as is my product range. I’m making enough money already to make a modest living but my other business in training and private tuition is bolstering the income.

      So good to catch up… I have to pop along and visit blogs, hoping I get a chance this afternoon I have some free time 😀

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