Frozen Grapes

I’ve had an insatiable thirst this week and I’ve really really really wanted a nice sugary syrupy ice lolly. OK I hold my  hands up I did have one a couple of days ago and it was divine with a capital D.  Then a friend of mine told me to try frozen grapes and oh my word am I hooked?

So simple, so if you like me fancy something sweet and frozen now and then just wash a mixture of grapes stick them in a food freezer bag and pop into the freezer, when frozen eat. They taste amazing.

I’ve been freezing fruits for ages and save money by buying packs of frozen berries to whack into smothies or to add instead of ice to chill a nice glass of water, fruit juice or even those forbidden carbonated drinks and yes the odd alcoholic cocktail, but I never thought of just chomping through a bag full of frozen grapes before.

Try them and give them to the kids, so much better than sugar laden ice lollies.


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