Lose weight by knitting a scarf… incredible but true

Today it may be Friday 13th but things are looking good chez moi. We are heading towards the end of a very productive week. I got a chance to do some teaching which will always be my first love, I did tons and tons of crafting for valentines orders and got to design a couple of unique soft furnishing novelty pieces which was super fab. Creativity is really flowing. My princess was home and she got involved and created some amazing pieces of artwork which shocked even her. She’s a very logical person and likes order and deals in facts so imagined she didn’t really  have much in the way of creativity in her but when she sat in the craft room with some canvasses and paints and a variety of innovative tools, which incidentally she made herself to create different effects, and armed with scissors a craft knife and some card to make templates she produced some beautiful, simplistic pieces which I’m going to stick up for sale in my store as well as use for backdrops for some paper art projects I’ve got underway.

It just goes to show that given the opportunity even people with little artistic ability can find some flowing and also we had a great time working together. Crafting is super relaxing and it is amazing how long you can spend working on a project without ever giving a second thought to food… remember what I’ve said before about distraction and diversion techniques to keep your mind off food… crafting is a great one to use. It’s also wonderful to create something with that time rather than destroy some more cells and your self esteem by cramming a tin of biscuits down your throat. I know which I’ve come to prefer.

I maintain that for me food cravings were just that, self destructive impulses driven by everything BUT hunger. If you are eating 3 good meals a day starting with a really nourishing wholesome healthy breakast and if you have a couple of drinks and fruit snacks during the day and if you drink at least 2 litres of water a day you will not be hungry, even less to the point where you need to munch on several cakes, that isn’t hunger it is a compulsion, a destructive compulsion. Beating that compulsion by diverting your attention elsewhere WILL see you lost some weight and feel better. If you then combine that with healthy meals and some movement you’ll lose even more weight. Don’t battle the craving by sitting and having a mental fight with it, get it out of your mind by focusing on something else. It really does work and is the best advice I could ever give an over eater based on my own experience.

So, craft! It’s fun and who would have thought that knitting or crocheting or painting or sewing or stenciling or paper craft could make you lose weight? It’s amazing when you consider it like that. So go on get out some needles or a crochet hook and knit a scarf. In fact, why not create yourself a visual record of beating your addiction to bad food and each time you feel a craving coming on grab your project and do a bit more, change colours each time and as you see that scarf or blanket or whatever you’re making grow you will see how much progress you’ve made towards a healthier you and to beating that addiction.

Start today, you don’t need expensive materials.

I’ve gone a step further and in my craft room I have now installed a motorised treadmill which I bought second hand for the amazing bargain price of ten pounds! It’s an amazing beast of a treadmill too and would have been sturdy enough even for the 300+ pound me of last year. When I’m crafting and feel a little bit stiff or need a break I get up, grab a big glass of water and I either go for a fast steep inclined walk or a crafty jog just for a few minutes, 15 max (I can’t jog for that long so that would be combined walk and jog) then I jump off and crack back on with my work. You don’t need a treadmill in your craft room or a craft room come to that, you can bounce up and dance for a few minutes, jog on the spot, do some star jumps, lunges, burpees or whatever.


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