Back to Earth

What a lovely weekend, I’ve been well and truly chilled out. I was treated to a special get away to Berlin. Not the typically romantic first choice city of love like the Paris we probably flew over but my, what a fantastic city! I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to visit and ‘someone’ had found this out and planned a very nice Valentine’s weekend getaway.

Lots of walking and exploring in bracing cold weather with a luxury spa at the hotel to warm back up in. Let it be said that the spa which we had virtually to ourselves all weekend, was well used. I love spas. The further I get along this ‘new me’ road the more I value relaxation as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and I really do love mineral soaks in fab pools and steam rooms to sweat out some toxins. I feel wholly refreshed and ready to face a busy work period.

The weekend involved quite a bit of champagne and I indulged not only in some fabulous chocolates (just a couple, as I always say if you’re going to go for a treat savour quality over quantity) but the real indulgence was delicious chocolate mousse. I love, love, love chocolate mousse especially a good ultra rich home made one and the hotel we stayed in had a fabulous one on the menu which I sampled on the first evening and just had to revisit on the second evening. Delicious and without a doubt up there with my three favourites of all time.

So that I didn’t over indulge we ordered a fruit dessert and a chocolate mousse so we could share and I’m glad we did as the portion was quite generous and even though I would have loved to eat the lot I was happy to half and half with Nick. The fruit salad contained lots of fresh pineapple which I love to eat with chocolate mousse anyway so I was in fruity chocco heaven.

I’d recommend this as a tactic when dining with someone else in a place where you’re not sure about the portion size. If it’s a meager portion you can just chomp down the lot but if it’s a large one you can share and balance out with shared fruit too. I have eaten in places where I’ve asked to see a portion before ordering and usually they are quite happy to show you or another tactic if you don’t want to do that is to check out desserts if possible when ordering your starter or main and then keep an eye out around the restaurant for someone being served a portion of what you fancy.

I have to do this because I’m a glutton and when I’m eating something I really like (ie anything really fattening and far from nutritionally beneficial) I just have no cut off, I can still down a family sized mousse even if I’m full up. So portion size is something I’m slowly but surely working on training myself to get a grip with although I must say that I do tend to have smaller portions now without really thinking about it sometimes.. not when it comes to mousse though. If a large portion was put in front of me I’d eat it, I have no self control so it’s good for me to be vigilant and check out sizes before I order or to just ask for a half portion when ordering or plan to share.

I love to eat something that’s on my ‘save for special occasions’ list. I really do enjoy those treats far more now they come rarely as opposed to many times a day as they used to, so more reason to keep delicious things in reserve.

I did offset some of what I consumed by having a morning work out in the well equipped gym and I did a few lengths of the hotel pool each day.

I know that in my blog I focus on my diet and exercise when I go anywhere but really I don’t make it a big deal when it is happening. I just blog about how I deal with the difficult times when my fat demon is more difficult to keep a leash on and temptation to go back to old ways is all around me because it helps me to reinforce that positive behaviour in myself. My tactics are very subtle in reality and I don’t make a big deal out of the fact that I’m eating healthily after all many many people are doing the same and have been for many years and I just want to be one of those ordinary people who make good choices as a matter of course but at the moment I am still conscious of that thought process which helps me keep my inner glutton in check.

I thought I might have had a proposal to blog about today but it didn’t happen. I did joke to Nick on Sunday that I’d not found the ring yet so he’d better just give it to me and he laughed, reminding me of the last time he’d mentioned marriage and how that had made him put the idea on the back burner. He said that now he knows the water may not be as frosty as he thought he might be encouraged to dive in at some point but promised it would be when I least expect it and not predictably on Valentine’s Day. At least I don’t have to wait a year then 😉

He asked if i was disappointed and of course I’m not, I know we’ll get married at some point and besides, as I said to him “Not at all, you have to take me away somewhere lovely again now”


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