Inch Loss Body Wraps

So I spent an hour today with a lady trying to sell me inch loss body wraps for £46 a session. She told me how I could lose up to 7 inches from around my waist with just one wrap and showed me photos of people who had lost anything from 1 to 7 inches after a treatment.

I kept on telling her I didn’t believe such things made you lose inches let alone weight. She said they did.

I kept on telling her that I felt the coldness of the wrap and the cold shower to wash it off just caused constriction and it seemed like you’d lost some inches. She said that was not true.

I kept on telling her that if I had a wrap and lost an inch it would be back on by tonight. She said it wouldn’t.

I asked if she felt bad that she was trying to sell people something quite expensive which would not really have any long term effect on their body size or shape and definitely not on their weight. She said she didn’t because she wasn’t.

I asked her if I could buy 7 treatments there and then. She said I could.

I told her that as these wraps are GUARANTEED to make you lose an inch off your waist each time they are applied, that as it was 1pm now and I was buying 7 which I was going to apply every hour on the hour between now and 8pm that if I couldn’t get into a size 8 jeans by 8pm I would track her down and sue her. She said nothing.

The only way to trim inches off your waist that make any long term difference is to eat healthy food and exercise. Make no mistake, the only things these miracle cures will lose you is money.

I confess that I have massages and body wraps but they are to try to fend off skin saggage as I lose all of this weight and are more to moisturise and externally nourish my upper layers of skin while I let the food and water take care of the inner layers. I know that’s all they do they don’t make me lose weight or size but they make my skin look better and they make me feel relaxed.

My daughter made me laugh the other day when she rang me and said she’d been to a product marketing pamper party at a friend’s house and how they’d spent hours being wrapped, detoxed and treated and then half of them went outside for a fag then came back in and bought a ton of products because they really felt the benefits of being detoxed. Irony is not lost on her either.


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