New Approach …Low Carbs

I’ve not really followed ‘a diet’ as such I’ve just been trying to eat healthily and include things in my diet which will do my body some good. A comment on a post of mine yesterday led me to read more in depth on a fellow bloggers posts over at One Small Change at a Time and I quickly became hooked and spent more time than I had at my disposal reading post after post and link upon link.

Low carb, low sugar approaches to healthy eating are not new to me but some of the facts and cited research which I became engrossed in was. I eat very few carbs especially the processed kind like pasta and bread these days but I do consume a lot of fruit and whilst I knew that fruit contained a lot of sugar I believed naively this was somehow healthy sugar or at least healthier than the processed kind that gets sprinkled in or added to our food to make it more tasty. I also assumed that the good the fruit was doing me, in terms of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals outweighed any harm the natural sugars were doing. Now I’m not so sure and so I’m embarking on a super low carb diet for sixty days to see what the effects are and hopefully after sixty days I’ll be convinced to stick with it or not.

Why 60 days? Not for any fad reason, I’m not a quick fixer and I’m not a ‘follow this for this number of days and then go back to normal’ type of person. I want real beneficial long term health improvements which also help me to shed excess weight. I have opted to follow it for 60 days not because some book written by someone making themselves rich at the expense of my misery told me to and not because some glossy promotional campaign told me to. I’m doing it for 60 days, and thereafter maybe for life, because I believe it takes a couple of months for our bodies to really adjust to new ways of eating and to really sow any definite, potentially long term benefits or otherwise and also because it takes a couple of months to truly embed new habits, if I’m going to be able to do this I need to know that it’s doable for me and won’t leave me feeling miserable and deprived.

Fortunately for me, this new approach will not involve many changes as I’m almost there already, I breakfast big but I need to stop using fruit and grain as the basis of that meal and shift to eggs and meat…My son will love this.

Lunch can stay the same meat and green leafy raw salad.

Dinner can stay the same only I won’t be trimming off fat from meat. I can’t say I’m upset about that I’m a real lover of the fat from a pork chop or a lamb chop, they’re the most tasty bits so it will be interesting to see what happens when I start eating them again.

Smoothies and fruit juices will be no more, water and teas will take their place and dessert will consist of an Apple a day.

I’ve sourced meat from a natural farmer using traditional grass fed stock and although it’s slightly more expensive I want to do this right.

I just need to check up on fish as I love fish and feel it’s important to keep in my diet so if anyone knows where I stand on a super low carb diet with fish let me know I’ll be grateful.

As I read a lot of the stuff I read I realised that my teen son has developed a natural low carb low sugar eating habit of late. He can’t get enough dairy and meat down his neck and has been craving lettuce spinach and cabbage, something he’d rather die than eat a few months ago. Trying to get him to eat fruit is a losing battle yet he used to eat a whole bowl full every day. This kind of makes me feel that there is more to this than a fad, I believe our bodies when untainted by bad habits do tell us what they want and if my son’s young growing body wants what it does now surely that is an optimal diet for good cell function and growth i.e. healthy.

If you want to find out more or just read some really interesting stuff about food, sugar, carbs and what we eat, then give this blog a read by clicking on the link above or here and follow up the links. It might change your mind and if we all change our minds then the quality of the food we eat will have to improve and I know that is a real passion of the author.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


2 thoughts on “New Approach …Low Carbs”

  1. You’re fine with fish! My way of eating is no sugar, low carb, and high lean protein. (Although these past two weeks away from home, I did eat ice cream!) I do trim excess fat off of meats (though I usually eat fish, chicken, eggs, and turkey) because I don’t want the cholesterol from it. I found that once I switched to this way of eating, I really crave protein and never crave carbs.


    1. Thank you I’ll get on with that then. I don’t have a cholesterol problem and never did which was weird considering I was so hefty and ate so much garbage. It’s on my MOT list to be checked every six months at my health check so it will be interesting to see if the situation changes although my GP is not very into the whole cholesterol thing and reading those blog posts I wonder if we have to worry about it. still will be good to see what happens.

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