Today we took posession of two allotments just behind my GP surgery and several members of “Over Eaters Outed” as we call ourselves came along to survey the job ahead. Fortunately one of the doctors a nurse and some friends and family showed up too as it was a beautiful day we started right there and then.

We began to clear away rubbish and dead stuff, old bits of netting and fencing and we ripped down dilapidated sheds….much to the dismay of mice living underneath. Within a couple of hours we had a blank canvas and a heap of stuff for a bonfire. We’d found some tools in one of the sheds, rusty and rudimentary but they did the job. We agreed that in the interests of our backs, accessibility and pest protection we will plant everything in huge raised beds so one of the guys measured up wood requirements for that and we marked out a large space for a fab shed. We agreed it would be nice to have a communal feel to the shed so it’s going to be more like a summer house spanning the far end of both plots with a smaller storage shed for tools and dirty stuff next to it. We’re going to install a camping stove for tea making and some battery operated lighting and a radio and in the dirty shed were having a shit box so that we can spend whole days down there if we wish.

After we’d finished up Nick and I went to the timber yard and ordered the wood for the beds and bought the shed and lots of tools. Group members are going to call in favours from handy friends to get everything erected and installed and then we can line the beds and fill with nice organic soil and fasten covers over. We also have a greenhouse which has been donated and some poly tunnels which we intend to use on a couple of the beds. It was great to see so much enthusiasm for growing our own vegetables to use in our battle to stay healthy and lose weight. When the barriers were brought down and it was all cleared it was amazing how much space there was.

Yesterday was also the first fat exercise class and although I couldn’t make it they tell me it was a roaring success literally. It sound like much laughter went on as well as inclusive exercise and everyone had a great time, most importantly everyone moved a bit more than usual and did some social interacting.

So things are going well there and I’m feeling like I’m a part of something worthwhile that is going to make a real difference in terms of tackling obesity and related issues.

Tomorrow morning is the first early opening for body conscious folk at the local baths and so I’m going to go down there and have a swim with other group members and then I’m.meeting Charlie my adopted grandad for a nice walk and some hot tea. I’ve made him up some meals and frozen them as he said he doesn’t enjoy cooking for himself and misses some good home cooking. In time I’ll invite him for dinner.

This might sound selfish, but I have to be sparing with charitable acts as they’ve got me in deep water in the past and I have to be mindful of leaving time to do all of the things I have to do and of not finding myself with someone demanding on my hands. That sounds bad but I have to be honest I don’t have time to be at someone’s beck and call or to have someone turning up out of the blue too often so I have to be realistic about the extents i can go to when showing human kindness. history has taught me that sometimes you can be too kind. It would be fabulous if we could do everything we wish we could in terms of being community spirited but sometime we have to do what we can and know where to draw the boundaries. Who knows in time I might do more but right now I feel that I’m right to be cautious and to draw the line somewhere.

I found this fab video on You Tube about growing Kale in a container too which I thought I’d share after my last post where I talked about growing veg at home. 


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