Low/zero carb progress update

I’m so busy right now and hardly have time to breathe but I wanted to do a quick update on our revised eating plan.

I’ve chosen what to me is the most significant and telling difference we’ve noticed… my 15 year old rapidly growing son is finally not complaining of being hungry. He is sticking to three protein and dairy rich meals a day and lots of water and he has finally stopped eating everything that wasn’t nailed down.

I believe that this is because I am allowing him to eat what his body is telling him it wants instead of denying him the steaks he’s been asking for every day and preventing him from eating a whole chicken and guzzling two pints of milk before bed. I’m giving him those things and not trying to force feed him nutritious smoothies and juices and twenty pieces of fruit a day.

I believe that because he is actually getting a regular supply of the protein and fats he needs to build man sized bones, organs, muscles and skin he is no longer suffering cravings. Some of his cravings he would satisfy with not so healthy foods before because he (and I) mistook it for hunger instead of yielding to what his body was calling out for… fuel and nutrition for healthy cell building and maintenance.

There have been other side effects of feeding him what his body needs and they are:

1. He doesn’t eat as much food and everything he eats is healthy, he’s not filling gaps with snack foods and I can already see that he has lost body fat. This is a good thing because he is growing so fast weighing him is not really going to tell us much so with him monitoring progress will be more about visible signs and measurements.

2. He is sleeping better. He’s going to sleep at 10pm and sleeping soundly until 6am. He had been struggling to sleep before 1am which was really unusual for him and mostly the reason was he was fighting a food craving and couldn’t relax. His body was crying out for the ‘stuff’ it needed to do do what it was going to do through the night while he slept and build him millions of new cells. At least that’s what I believe. I thought about it and there are two times when we experience rapid cell growth in our lives, as babies (from conception to toddlerhood) and then through puberty, but boys experience far more rapid and significant change in size than girls. When they are babies we accept that we feed them lots of protein and fat and they sleep and grow, so why don’t we get that when they are teenagers? We know that a baby who has been fed watered down milk will not sleep well or for long and some babies need fortified milk to really keep them sleeping and constructing those cells. We just accept that yet we don’t accept that when our 15 year old son wants to eat two chickens and a gallon of milk before he can get a good nights sleep. I might be wrong here but it does make sense to me and I never even thought of it before.

3. Because he is sleeping better he is happier, more active, more alert, doing better at school, just all round functioning well. His skin is glowing, his eyes are bright his curls are shiny and he’s just happy and content, getting taller and stronger and slimmer by the day. He also said yesterday that he felt fitter, like he had more stamina during a footie match.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but to me that is priceless, knowing that my son is getting what he needs for optimum cell growth and general well being is making me feel pretty content right now. I thought his diet was healthy before but now I can see that I wasn’t getting it right, I was giving him what I believed to be healthy not what his body was telling us it needed. I do believe our bodies send out signals to warn us and inform us and we really need to listen more to them.

Next time (hopefully not long before I get time) I’ll update on the daughter’s progress as she’s had some interesting changes occur too.


2 thoughts on “Low/zero carb progress update”

    1. Thank you Rob. Trust me I remember the quiche as I still use the recipe but the post is really good to remember to. I think I’m right in saying that this post was the one which encouraged me not to go down a low protein and dairy route a year ago (almost) when I was starting out figuring which of the many paths to follow. I’m glad I didn’t now as it has done me good thus far so thanks for sharing then and for sharing now. Now I’m really just eliminating sugars too and this is so true. We’ve all found that we are just not hungry anymore, even when it comes to meal times we’re shocked that it’s time to eat again and most evenings I’m cooking in the hope that someone is ready for it when it’s done. Our portion sizes have already decreased especially for dinner our last meal of the day. Portion size was something I’ve struggled with but now I’m about at ease with it. When it’s just me and the boy at home we come close to not bothering with dinner but I really think it’s important not to go into starvation mode over night so we have something light. Sometimes that is just your fab quiche and a green salad with some kale flash fried in bacon grease. This eating plan is so deliciously tastey were loving it. Such a refreshing change from fruit and veg overload.

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