Update two a young lady perspective

My daughter’s a young lady now, a young exec no less and she has quite a blissful life. She lives in a beautiful city, she has a great circle of friends, she earns a decent wage, she has prospects in her career which she loves, she is surrounded by opportunities to get out and about climbing, rafting, kayaking, rambling, cycling, running and she does cross fit and dances too. She’s a very active, energetic young lady and is happiest when outdoors.

She is at that age where life is just beautiful, not too many responsibilities yet and weekends that can be spent in bed if she chooses. I’m making myself jealous now. Anyway she has also been joining in from afar with the low to zero carb plan, horrified by the amount of sugar she must have been consuming.

She, like my son from my last update,  also reports that she has noticed she sleeps better now and also that she is finding that in spite of her using lots of energy she never feels hungry. She described it as feeling like she is now being drip fed energy rather than having hits of it.

Although she is a healthy eater, part of that for her was copious amounts of fruit every day. And although she is very active and pushes herself with team sports and cross fit she still had a bit of wobble going on around the bum and thigh area. She had decided this was a genetic thing and she couldn’t change it and stopped trying.

When she started this eating plan last week she measured these parts as the only parts where she had fat (a typical female fat laying down zone) and she was amazed when she called me yesterday to tell me she has already shed two inches from her hip measurement in just one week. She has no desire to be super skinny but she is hugely health and fitness orientated and so that stubborn fat was more of a challenge than a problem.

Since we all started eating healthier last year she’s lost about 30lbs in weight and shed two dress sizes. She was happy as she was before but she does say that she feels healthier now for having lost that excess weight and she finds clothes fit better. Her primary motive for eating  healthy and being more active (althought she’s always been very active anyway) was for good health into later life. She figured that as her generation will find it commonplace to live into their 100’s she may as well try to be as fit and healthy for as long as she possibly can be.

So another happy ‘guinea pig’. She is convinced that it was her carb consumption in the form of sugars which was causing her to lay down that stubborn fat, as removing sugar from her diet has caused it to shift quite dramatically.

We are sold on this approach to healthier ‘us’ and going strong with it. Besides anything else it is super tasty after months of salads and fruits it comes as a nice alternative and sometimes I think you have to switch it up a bit to keep your diet interesting and fun. When we have done our sixty day stint we might start to throw in more nutritious carbs now and then but for now we’re going great. For me this is all about health but as I get closer to that goal I have to check myself and remember not to get fanatical about this whole thing and make it all about weight loss and the holy grail of the target figure. I have to find a healthy way to live forever and I think that trying different things and learning about food and what it does to our bodies is the best way to go with that, so that when the time for maintenance comes I can make the most informed choices and I can also ensure that there is variety in my diet and I know how to switch things around to make it more interesting should it ever become a bit predictable.

I don’t poo poo anyone’s methods of losing weight but I do think that by following quick fix food deprivation plans like the shake diets out there (I’ve done them and I thought they were amazing too) or by having surgery (again, I’ve not done this but I’ve contemplated it and I know how for some it is a miracle and for others a misery) where there isn’t this time spent trialing and erring and learning. This re-education about food, about our new selves, about our new bodies, this kind of rebirth that you get with a slow and steady learn and grow (or shrink) approach is priceless.  I really do believe this time is the time when I will keep this weight off forever. I’ve learned so much, I’ve opened myself up to so much and I have seen the impact of that on others as well as myself. It may all be conflicting at times, it may all feel like too much to cram onto one plate but that’s the beauty of it, finding what works for you and what makes you feel good. I do believe now that one of the most important factors in achieving long term maintenance of my goal weight will be my ability to hear my body talking to me now that the rubbish is all being cleared out. I’ll know when I eat something bad, my body will react and I’ll know not to eat it again. those bad feelings food gave me, the signs my body was sending out are no longer competing to be heard over each other. I’m getting the message loud and clear and that message will stop me from going back to where I was.

But… there’s still a way to go yet. Next time I’ll update on mine and Nick’s observations with this new zero/low carb approach. I love that we are all seeing different things happen to our bodies and that they are all positive… well as you may find out from my own update, they’re not all quite so positive, I’ll see how graphic I feel like being when I get to writing it.


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