Crash and Burn – Low Carb Pros and Cons

It was perhaps inevitable that I would fall ill at some point. I’ve had a relatively healthy year in terms of bugs and things and am constitutionally quite sound in that I’ve never been a real sick;y person. I put this down to not taking medication unless I’m close to death. As a child we were not the kind to be rushed to the doctor as soon as we sniffled, rather we’d be left in bed, tucked up warm with comfort food and drinks and left to fight off whatever had taken over us and in the main it worked. Only now and then one of us needed a doctor and some medicine. Our parents believed they were building our immunity.

As an adult I’ve done the same with my children and they’ve been quite the same, very resilient and bounce back fast from viral infections. I like to think I’m helping them to build their immunity too and that I’ve passed on some of mine.

When I’m run down, over doing things, not sleeping enough or not eating right  I know I’m risking picking something up, especially at seasonal transitions when bugs seem to make a last attempt to invade every human possible before the heat or cold kills them off for another half a year or when the new seasons bugs spring to life. So as we move from winter to spring very definitely in the UK with increased temperatures and lighter mornings and evenings it was rather silly of me to be working more hours than there are in a day and keeping up with my routines and regimes as well as being ma to my kids and friend to my friends and queen to my king (urgh can’t believe I just said that mushy garbage but hey ho it’s done now). The only thing I’ve kept normal is my eating habits.

In short, I’m sick and I’ve never had anything like it. I’m not going to blame it on the new eating plan as I know it’s a virus but I have a real chesty cough and coughing is not something I’m used to at all. It’s so bad that it’s made me vomit a couple of times in the night which is then obviously disrupting my sleep and so it all bundles up to create a very sorry state of me, sitting blanket wrapped, soft full length pjs, warm socks and slippers with a messy bun, glasses perched on the end of my nose, reclined in the lounge in front of the telly with a frequent green tea refil infused with ginger and turmeric roots and mint leaves. A hot water bottle on my back is doing the trick in terms of keeping my yucky chest gunk nice and loose and bringupable and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Sorry if that’s TMI but be thankful I’ve not gone into detail about how I’ve found through all of the coughing that even though I’ve never given birth, weakened pelvic floor muscles may just be a middle aged ladies thing and totally unrelated to child birth.

Anyway, I’ve managed to get my hands on my lap top but only after I swore not to use it for work and I am under strict instruction to be better for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Don’t panic anyone reading this outside of the UK, I’m talking about mother’s day here not wherever you are.

I thought I’d take this chance to write about my progress with my new eating plan, the low to zero carb approach but to be honest I don’t have much new to write about. I’ve written quite lengthy accounts of the kids’ progress and Nick and I have noticed the same positives as they have, feeling full for longer which has led to a reduction in portion size which for me is a real plus point. I’m a glutton so reducing portions was something that has been happening very slowly but surely over the past 11 months but was something I knew I’d have to work more on at this end stage of  my journey. I’d dreaded having to cope with more control over the amount I eat but this seems to be taking care of that for me which is a miracle in itself.

I am definitely losing weight and inches but I’ll update on that at the end of the first thirty days.

Before getting ill I also had noticed that I was sleeping better and feeling more energetic so it’s all good and I’ve already said that the tastiness of this organic meat and veg is fabulous, I feel like I’m having a treat every day.

I have noticed no change in terms of IBS which was something I suffered from for years until a few days into my healthy lifestyle changes last year. So it hasn’t returned. BUT acid reflux has returned. I’ve been eating virtually no fat at all, besides what is in dairy and splashes of olive oil in cooking or salad dressings and that’s kind of the same except for now of course I eat the fat on my steak and chops and I eat sausage and minced beef and bacon complete with fat and rind. I think I might have to experiment a little and eat less of the fat and see what happens but I have definitely over the past week noticed that I’m experiencing some acid indigestion or heart burn or whatever you want to call it and it’s not a welcome return.

But as I always say, this is all about trial and error and so I’ll find a way to continue with the plan but not get heart burn. It’s not so bad but having suffered with it for years and not having had it for months it feels uncomfortable but what I’m going to do is press on for another week and see if it settles, if it doesn’t then I’m going to reduce the fat I eat from meat and not have dairy in my evening meal if I can help it,

Another thing I’ve noticed and Nick can also attest to this is that we have a lot of wind, it seems to be subsiding now but for the first few days we were positively embarrassing with the amount we were expelling. I’m hoping that it’s going to eventually level out and am feeling so fortunate right now to be working for myself so that i don’t have to explain why I’m surrounded by air fresheners to anyone.

I also noticed that I have terrible breath in the morning but again that seems to have settled now and I worried that I was just getting accustomed to it but I’ve tested it out on Nick and my son and they agree that it’s improved from the rancid stench it was before. Strange thing is nobody else has had the breath thing and only myself and Nick have the gas issue, the kids don’t. Maybe it’s our aged alimentary canals struggling with the changes which the younger bodied are adapting to far more quickly.

All in all I’d say I’m actually enjoying my food a lot more right now and definitely feeling fuller for longer and loving that I don’t even want to snack and as I said really enjoying the reduction in portion size which has come along naturally.

It get’s a thumbs up thus far, especially for tastiness, my gosh, some of these meats and vegetables, even though they are cooked in very basic ways are explosions of flavour. How much we’ve lost out on to the supermarket and mass production ways of rearing our food, it’s sad to think of it.


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