Eat To Live Forever

I’m just watching a programme called just what this blog post is entitled and it’s one of a BBC made series of programmes looking at ‘extreme’ diets for health and longevity.

Tonight’s episode looks among others at a keto or low carb diet and the guy presenting it and investigating it is concerned about being thin on the outside and fat on the inside as he reveals many actually are these days with high carb, low fat, low protein and dairy diets.

It’s available on BBC iplayer and I don’t know if that’s available globally but I’ll include a link anyway below so you can try to check it out if you’re interested. This week’s episode may not be on iplayer yet but will be later tonight or  tomorrow and I missed the first episode so am not sure what it even looked at nor what the next episode is going to be about but I will be sure to catch up and blog about anything I find outstanding. Take a look if this kind of thing interests you, the slaughter and butchering of lifestock in a suburban garden and the immediate eating of some of the meat and organs while still warm might be a step too far for me but it is interesting to see how far people take this and why.

I think we have to educate ourselves about food because our governments don’t seem to do that honest a job.

Here’s the link to Eat to Live Forever on BBC iplayer


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