Out with the old, in with the new

I seem to give one thing up and pick up another when it comes to adjusting my eating habits these days.

Chocolate has gone from my diet altogether now. I managed a choc free Easter with no eggs received and none gifted. Instead I made some cute little upcycled gifts for people I would normally give eggs to and asked for daffodils instead of chocolate and I filled my house with the little beauties. I love them and they brighten up my day, unlike chocolate which gives me a horrendous sugar rush and makes me feel like crap.

In has come Coconut Oil. Now I have long since been a fan of the coconut. I remember years ago when on my travels in Africa that I was told and had it demonstrated how the Coconut Palm is 100% useful. There is not a single part of the plant which goes unused, from its bark to its sap from its fronds to its fruit/seeds. It is used either as food, drink, medicine, tools, utensils, material for shelter, clothing… it’s crazy how much that one plant gives to us. I believe that the presence of the coconut palm in the very parts of the Earth where humans originated and its usefulness to us is testament to the fact that we should be taking in as much of what it gives out as we can.

Image from here http://coconutoil.com/

So are you trying it? Eating it, bathing in it, medicating with it, cleaning with it? It seems to be the new bicarbonate of soda, or vinegar it is all things to all people. OK so that may be exaggerating but have you read about this stuff? Try starting with this info from Wellness Mama with links to even more info or check out the link beneath the image I used to go to dedicated website Coconutoil.com

I’ve been consuming it for sometime but stopped when I started the low carb thing because for some reason I thought it must have lots of sugar in it and my research so far has turned up conflicting stories on how much sugar, if it’s fructose or glucose and so the jury’s out but in small amounts it’s doing me more good than harm and to be honest I am so sensitive to sugar now that I positively explode if I ingest the stuff and I don’t when I eat coconut or the oil, milk or water and so my body tells me I’m doing OK.

I must admit that it’s used more on the outside of my body than the inside. I’ve used coco oil based body moisturisers for a long time now but have combined them with other concoctions but I’m gradually phasing out other things and trying to get really simple with these other elements of our lives. Our diet is so simple now it’s crazy, it takes little thought yet our meals are fabulously satisfying and delicious. I figured it’s time to rid the bathroom and my dressing table of a load of pointless junk too. We’re using up last bits of gels and oils and sprays and going as natural as possible with as few products as possible.

I kind of figured that we’re refining what we put into our bodies and what we ask of our bodies yet we’re still spraying and rubbing on who knows what harmful rubbish. So over the next few weeks the old stuff is going and we’re seeking out more natural, less harmful products to use on the outside of us.

I’m turning into a health freak but to be honest I’ve heard some bad news about a couple of family members this last few weeks and I’m counting my lucky stars not to be in their shoes and to still be so healthy in spite of the abuse I’ve given my body over recent years. I don’t think at approaching 50 I can take my  health for granted even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and changed so much, my continued health, weight loss and subsequent maintenance of a healthy me into the future will depend on the changes I have made and continue to make.

Besides, a slim healthy person has to be thinking around now of their mortality and of fending off illness, disease and immobility for as long as possible so in some respects I’m just doing what any normal close to 50 person should be doing and evaluating the way I treat my body and thinking of what I want out of the next phase of my life. I don’t want to crack and creak every time I move just yet, I don’t want to have stiff joints and water retention and bloating. I can’t do much about the wrinkles that will come and the grey hair that’s under the dye already but I can try to keep the rest in check for as long as possible.  For now coconut oil is my miracle… it might be something else next month but whatever it is, it will be better than chocolate.


6 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new”

  1. Congrats on your successful Easter celebration without overdoing the chocolate scene. Also, well done on the coconut oil. I am a giant fan of it, too. Although, unlike you, I find it much better internally than externally. Although I posted on how I used it along with emu oil to heal a scars on my face from skin cancer surgery. But, I am a guy and don’t use a lot of cosmetics, period. I do eat a tablespoon of peanut butter and coconut oil every morning of my life. I love the taste of it and also the boost in energy. It often is my only fuel for a 15 mile bike ride early.


    1. I will have to go and read you post. You have just reminded me how one of my brothers when I was little used to always have a big spoon of peanut butter before his morning run when he was training. I’ve never been a big consumer of cosmetic products but with the weight loss I’ve made more effort to try to prevent my skin from sagging I didn’t want to lose weight and face the discomfort of empty skin and possible surgery but those cosmetic temptation s and gifts have a habit of piling up anyway.


      1. Good luck with that. Ironically, there are some small downsides to weight loss. When I took off my 50 pounds in a year, I was shocked to learn that I could not tolerate cold at all. My doctor said it was because I had removed the insulation from around my core (nine inches of fat). Small price to pay. I wear long johns from October through April here in Chicago.

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        1. I should blog about the small downsides really I dont think I’ve ever mentioned the ones I’ve noticed but definitely the cold is one as is a total intolerance of hard seating I feel like I’m.sitting on planks of wood all of the time now my posterior padding has gone.


          1. If you do, make sure to keep it upbeat. You get to buy nice new outfits and fit right and you look and feel better. These are only small downsides. Despite the chills I experience I would not go back to the 44 inch waist for anything.

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