You Shall Have a Fishy On a Little Dishy…

Today Nick made lunch and he surprised me with delicious salmon fish cakes and a raw green leaf salad (kale, cabbage, spinach) with a huge glass of icy cold water and then after we had a glass of chilled white vino in the garden because I was supposed to drink it yesterday and didn’t. I’ll blog about that disaster later.

He confessed that he used the  recipe under the picture below as inspiration so I thought I’d share and forgive me the mush and slush but yes, he made them heart shaped. He increased the salmon, decreased the potato left out the lemon and threw in dill and parsley instead of chives. So he used the recipe but varied it according to our tastes and dietary preference… ie more protein less carb. He fried them in a tiny bit of fat too instead of oven baking.

Image from here
Image from Pink Recipe Box

He did a good job and they tasted divine and looked so sweet but our photos didn’t look as good as Nicola’s from the Pink Recipe Box so I’ve shared hers. Go check out her blog it’s full of fab and yummy ideas.

Two things: take inspiration from recipes you find for good healthy food online or anywhere and make them your own to make them really appeal to you and suit your dietary needs. If there’s an ingredient you don’t like or can’t eat but otherwise you’d love to try it then tweak it and try it, don’t give it a miss. We’re not totally zero carb so the potato was fine for us but even so we reduced it and increased the protein and it was still delicious.We used herbs that we love to eat with fish and which are growing wild in the sunshine and heat we are experiencing. There are loads and loads of recipes out there for healthy meals and snacks but don’t forget that you can simply adjust treat recipes or special occasion recipes too and often lots of them may not be marketed as healthy but they actually are… like this one.

Second thing: fishcakes are a great way to get kids who will not eat fish to eat it. My son will not eat a fillet of fish unless it is deep fried in batter and called haddock. But he loves fishcakes so this is how I get some of the fish I manage to get him to eat into him. At 15 he was a bit grossed out by the uncoolness of his tea time after school snack being a couple of heart shaped fish cakes but he was happy to scoff them and said he loved them… before asking what was for dinner two minutes later. Nick said that perhaps if he’d thought the heart shapes were for him he wouldn’t have been so grossed and perhaps it was the thought of us having had a ‘romantic’ lunch that phased him. He could have a point. Anyway, I started giving the boy a fish cake variant when he was first weaned – mushed up flaked fish and potato with some pee puree… he loved it and it has always been a recommendation of mine to encourage fish resistant kids to eat the good stuff. My daughter is a fish so she has never had a problem eating the stuff. The other way I get the son to eat fish is to put it in soups.

So thank you Nicola for the inspiration and for our LOVEly lunch 😉


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