It’s summertime! Don’t hide your wobbly self away get out and move.

The sun is beating down on the East coast today. Such a feel good summer vibe is in the air. There is no better time to get outside and exercise move. Even my PT session was outdoors today, carrying rocks, digging holes and dragging Darren along the beach on a sled tied to my waist. Exhilerating stuff. My heart was pumping for sure! And I was wearing shorts and a vest top!!

Last year I was still conscious of my size and that made me anxious about venturing out but I did it. I told myself that I didn’t care if anyone gawped at me or said anything hurtful within ear shot, I was out in the sunshine taking a walk for ME, not for them. It was to make me feel better, happier, healthier, fitter and as long as there was room on the ground for me to walk amongst skinny folk I was going to make use of it and take my share.

Thank goodness I did get out there! We not only benefit from the exercise physically  but the sun is a real psychological booster too and also we need the vitamin D that exposure to the sun brings us. All of that contributed to changing my mental attitude and to bringing me to where I am today and the weight loss I have achieved.

Don’t hide away when the weather is beautiful, stick on some comfy leggings and a big tee shirt or shift dress or even a fab maxi dress (leggings are light and help to reduce chaffing and sweating when you are really big, wear cropped ones in different colours under comfy big loose tops or dresses for comfort or if you feel the need to cover up) stick on some fab sunglasses and a gorgeous hat, a pair of comfy shoes, trainers or converse and get out there and just walk, breathe in fresh air, feel the sun on your skin and let the good times roll.

I’m lucky to live by a beach and a park and some fabulous British countryside so my outdoor choices are wonderful but no matter where you live there is a park around somewhere close or just somewhere you can walk even if it’s a high street browsing in shop windows or take a walk through a pretty quiet residential area with some nice gardens and lots of trees.

Maybe this is your first summer carrying extra weight or maybe it’s one of many where your size has made you a prisoner in your home whichever, make a start now to free yourself from that horrible place that being overweight can put you in in your mind and get out and absorb some of that good stuff you would be missing. Do it for you. If you are wary of other people it’s fine at first to do it really early when no one is around or if you wait till people are dining and catching their soap operas and you step out in the evening to catch the last rays of the sun.

You’ll be glad you took that first step when next summer you are zipping around in your new, slimmer, fitter, healthier, stronger body without a care in the world. Trust me. I did it last summer 150 pounds ago.


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