It’s 4 in the morning…

… and Faron Young is nowhere in sight.

The seagulls woke me up early this morning, I’d only had a couple of  hours’ sleep but for some reason I’m wide awake and in a musical mood. I’d had a song in my head for days so I blogged that on my musical life story blog and then this one came into my head and I’ve currently got it playing quite loud in the kitchen where I’m thinking about having a little early morning boogie. I wonder if my son and Nick will think I’ve finally lost the plot if I do. I might wait until the chickens start sounding off like the sea gulls and go on the breakfast egg hunt instead.

I’m being very brave with the chickens I don’t like birds, they scare me, I think it’s ever since I found a dead one behind myOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sofa and didn’t have a clue where it came from or how long it had been there. It freaked me out. I wondered if I’d somehow inadvertently got involved with some small time mafia.

Anyway, this is what working late into the night and living near the coast do for you… I’m glad Nick is home all day today I’ve a feeling I may need the fort holding while I have a nap later on. I do find that on PT day I find it difficult to sleep, well that’s not really the case, I just don’t feel tired. Perhaps his sessions are over energising me or something… is that even possible? We do them first thing in the morning so I have all day to recover but I kind of feel like a dynamo after a PT session, I’m bursting with energy all day and it seems to build and build and I have trouble coming down or sitting down and my creativity goes through the roof.

Oh well maybe I will find that once Nick gets up and we’ve been over to the beach for some outdoor tai chi (my favourite part of the day, then the seagulls sound like music) I will be able to come back and have a nap.

Right that song… I am going to have a little boogie I think.


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