Just a spoonful of sugar…

… in almost everything we eat.

Or so it would seem. In my quest to reduce my sugar consumption I have discovered some very interesting and some startling facts about sugar. I’m working on putting together a post which compares the foods I did eat with the foods I now eat and looks at fat and sugar contents.

Even carrots contain sugar! Image from www.sugarstacks.com

In the meantime I found this fab site which is an American one so some of the brands may be specific to the US but still many are not and many are not branded items, such as the fruits. What it does is list lots of products, processed and fresh, by category and shows how much sugar there is in a serving, not only by weight but it stacks up a little pile of sugar cubes to illustrate just how much that is. It kind of made me feel sick thinking of how I would feel eating all of those sugar cubes and that for years, before I began my latest crusade I have shovelled that stuff down my throat in total ignorance (my fault) or in the belief that low fat was the way to go and that a no-added sugar philosophy was healthiest. What’s more I’ve also put this stuff into my kids.

I’m not beating myself up, things have changed, I’m aware and fully conscious of how to go forward now and I’m seriously reaping the benefits of a super low sugar diet… not to mention enjoying not feeling guilty about consuming a bit of full fat dairy to brighten the day.

I have lost tons of weight with a low fat approach but a read back will show that I did include dairy in my diet, full fat cheese, the odd bit of cream and butter in moderation. I was also following a low carb eating plan just because carbs don’t go down well with me, I know many processed carbs such as bread and pasta and baked goods give me chronic heatburn, indigestion and trigger IBS so they were off the menu anyway. I’ve also never eaten a lot of sugar as an add on to my food, so I don’t include it in drinks or on cereal, I don’t add sugar to anything, I actually never used to buy sugar unless I was baking and then I’d use what I thought were ‘healthier sugars’ such as unrefined, brown, muscavado, demerrera, organic products. I always bought sugar free drinks and juices too. But my sugar was coming from somewhere else…it was in sauces and dressings and low fat yoghurts and cream cheeses and spreads and frozen yoghurts and fruit.

Due to dietary changes my sugar consumption was low or so I thought. I was eating an enormous amount of fruit a day either as whole pieces, chopped up into a salad, blended into a smoothie or passed through the juicer as a drink and zero fat yoghurt/cheese spread/fromage frais etc were a daily feature and these contained tons of sugar.

I looked at labels on foods but I only looked at the Fat content, never at calories and never at sugars. I’ve changed and since I’ve changed I feel like I’ve overcome an addiction I didn’t know I had… an addiction to sugar.

Anyway take a look at this website, if you missed the link above this first link is directly to the fruits section and this is to the home page of Sugar Stacks.

11156121_10202687009695507_8067538654673327754_nI came across this on Facebook and there was no credit for the source of the photo unfortunately but there was a description which said this was put in a school dining hall to help children choose water as their go to drink (I’d argue why they were selling the products anyway but that’s another matter, freedom of choice and all that) but I thought it was a good idea, I love visual aids and teaching has shown me that they are powerful when educating children. If those quantities are accurate then this is startling.


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