What’s With Wearing No Clothes?

Am I a prude, or just getting old but what’s with all of these celebs wearing no clothes and having full frontal naked shots taken of themselves and splattered across media like everyone wants to see it?

I always associate dressing well with class and I don’t mean class as in social standing I mean class as in the kind that money doesn’t buy, decency, respect, restraint I guess. I also remember the days when celebs maybe were haunted by some dodgy photos they did when they were young attention seekers and unwisely took their top off for a photographer or did a stint as a stripper while waiting for their big break or even paid the rent with some soft porn. I remember when they used to reach a level of fame due to respect for their talent of acting, singing or whatever and they no longer had to rely on their bodies to pay the bills, at least not in an exploitative manner.

Nowadays it seems it’s all been put into reverse, women prove themselves through their talent, triumph against the odds in fiercely competitive worlds of acting and singing and sport even and then once they are revered they start showing us everything they have, laying it out on a plate… is that to keep them where they are? Is it to shock and create headlines? Is it because they feel empowered and they can do whatever they like now? Is it body shaming to wish they’d put it away and to call them classless for hanging it all out? Am I a body shamer?

I don’t know anymore, I just wish they’d cover up a bit and maybe explain the real reason they’re doing what they are doing. Do they have a need to be admired? Are they simply proud of their bodies and just want people to enjoy looking at them? Are they setting examples, are they good empowering examples for young girls or poor examples of exploitation and need? Does their management force them into these displays? Are they as exploited as they were when they were kids starting out?

Are they sending out messages to their partner’s armies of fans, young girls at every port of call, screaming out, ready to throw themselves at their mercy and with a potential to steal them away or at least cause a scandal, are they saying “look a my amazing body, look how sexy I am, he ain’t never going to want you” ?

Do men do it? I guess so, but to the same extreme? When did I last see a famous guy’s todger plastered all over my magazine? Maybe I read the wrong right magazines. What would happen if a famous guy turned up at an awards ceremony with a sheer suit on with a few jewels covering his meat and two veg? Would we be appalled, see it as a joke? What would we make of it? Why don’t men do it?

Is it feminist to be able to strut around naked and not give a damn? Is it saying “I am strong, I don’t care, I am empowered to do what I like and you can’t judge me”? I don’t know. Is it weakness, is it a need to be admired, put on a pedestal, revered, told they are beautiful born of something lacking as a child or something parents made them feel was all important… the way they look?

Image from here

Do we want our daughters going out dressed like this? Do we wish we could go out dressed like it? What are we supposed to think when someone like Beyonce turns out dressed like this? Are we supposed to admire her shape? Are we supposed to want to be her? Are we supposed to keep watching all eyes on her in case a bit slips? Are we supposed to think she’s amazing? The dress is amazing? Are we supposed to want her? Are we supposed to rush out and buy the dress? Are we supposed to respect her? Are we supposed to admire her? What does she want when she puts that dress on? Is it simply that she feels great about her self and her body and wants to show everyone it? Is there anything wrong with that?

I don’t want to care, but I do, I’m the mother of a young lady and if she turned up to a party dressed like this because she’d seen Beyonce, one of her idols, a role model in it, I’d be horrified. Would I be right to be horrified or should I accept that my daughter feels strong enough and empowered enough in these times to wear that dress and still be classy, decent and respectable? Should I be worried that my daughter is an exhibitionist? Why should I be worried if that’s what she is?  I’m confused, I just don’t get it.

Yet I get naturism, I get the feeling of carefree abandon from swimming naked, lying naked on  beach, feeling released from clothes, I get wearing sexy clothes, I get being slightly risque but I also get that there’s a time and a place. Am I just out of touch? Any thoughts?

By the way, I know my title says no clothes and yet my post refers to the picture of Beyonce who is clothed but I didn’t want to inflict the full frontal Kim on anyone.


2 thoughts on “What’s With Wearing No Clothes?”

  1. I’m far from a prude but really think it looks tacky. I certainly wouldn’t copy it or feel happy around someone close to me wearing it. Each to their own but I feel all these “dresses” are cheap publicity stunts. I guess this picture puts a solid end to those second pregnancy rumours.


    1. Yes I agree. They’ve stopped the pregnancy rumours but spouted a new Beyonce lose 38lbs in 20 days diet craze though 😦 Like if we follow it we’ll all look like that and can rush out and buy see through dresses. The mind boggles.

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