Make your own almond milk and almond flour

I came across this item on Wellnessmama site a few weeks back and have been making it and enjoying it (and the financial saving) ever since. I thought I’d already blogged about it but I must have dreamed it.

I love the taste of this and I love that I’m getting so much good out of it. I do still use milk, we get raw milk once a month at the farmer’s market but it only lasts us a few days then we go back to organic filtered whole milk.This is just because we can’t get to the farm very easily, it’s a fair way off and also our nearest farm doesn’t operate like that, you can only order your milk for a farmer’s market pick up and there is only one farmer’s market near enough for us to reach regularly. Nick checks the garden every time he comes home as he’s fully expecting a couple of cows to be grazing out there but I wouldn’t go that far.. if only I could though…

I did try to  use almond milk to make Kefir but it didn’t work the Kefir culture died and I guess that had something to do with lactose not being present. You live and learn and fortunately my Kefir cultures are big and I only lost a small chunk.

I’ve used almond flour to make a pasta type substance. I mixed some with an egg and rolled it through my machine into sheets and made a lasagne with it and to be honest it wasn’t too bad.

I buy my almonds loose from here and get 3kgs for under £30 which is pretty good going. Bear in mind when you make it that you use 4 cups of water to one cup of almonds and that you end up with more than 4 cups of almond milk as when you blend it it froths and obviously swells in volume, even after straining. One cup of water is equivalent to around half a pint in UK terms, and a cup of almonds is equivalent to about 100 grammes in UK terms so you get something like 2 pints of almond milk per 100 grammes (this works for me) and so you get 20 pints from one kilo of almonds which means you’re looking at a cost per pint of almond milk of a maximum of 50p or £1.00 for a litre so it’s not bad much less than what I pay for it ready made.

Anyone who can’t get the above link to work type this into your browser address bar:


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