Me, the fun stuff.

Edit: one year in the changes are in italics

So now I’m getting over my early days angst I’m starting to loosen up a bit and I’m ready to make a page which actually says some  nice things about me and some of the more fun things I do rather than sit and stress over fat issues.
I find more and more positive things about me and my life these days and dont stress much at all. I’ve learned to let go and let other people take control when possible.
I sing. I may no longer have the voice of an angel but I can sing and I love to sing. I can sing ‘properly’ (soprano) and I love to sing pop/rock/folk too. I’ve even been known to rap on occasion but the least there is said about that the better.

I have a knack of picking up languages really quickly. I speak French and German the best aside from English, I can also get myself by in Greek, Spanish, Arabic and can at least say hello where is the toilet, thank you and good bye in a fair few other languages too.

I travel. I love to travel. I’ve been across Europe, to a good few places in the States, one trip to South America and have travelled extensively in Africa and around Israel and parts of the Middle East. in the last year I was lucky enough to visit Barbados, Berlin, Cardiff and camping in the Welsh hills, Dublin, London, Amsterdam. Paris and this coming year there are more exciting trips planned.

I read. I have a passion for reading (other people’s blogs are fulfilling my needs a the moment) but I love Thomas Hardy, Shakespeare, DH Lawrence, some of the classics but I’ve also read the Harry Potter books and loved them and just adore reading to my children, even now.

I write. I’ve been writing a novel for a while now, it’s a real trial to write as bits of me keep popping up and I’m revisiting some serious demons and it drains me at times but those who have read snippets so far have been desperate for more so that’s a warming sign. Still a work in progress

I love teaching, my job. Something I got into more recently but was always my destiny.#I’m freelance now and design bespoke training for SMEs

I love my children, my heart and I am happiest when I am with them. Still true

I have few friends and am wary of developing these insta deep relationships which seem to be fashionable nowadays, a friendship for me needs time to grow and develop, it’s not a pop up thing. Still true but I spend more time with good friends now and have a couple of new ones

I love domesticity, I love to cook, garden, bake, decorate, sew – I just don’t get so much time for these things and if I did I would for sure grow my own vegetables and probably have some chickens and at least one goat. I’m growing lots of veggies and herbs now, I home ferment have some chickens on order and own a craft business

I’ve never been in love, I thought I was at times but no, it’s never happened. Even my marriage was because I was ready to marry so I married my partner, I didn’t think it through but then I wouldn’t have had my beautiful babies.I’m in love for the very first time!

I was told at a young age I would never have a baby and with no interventions I had two perfectly healthy and happy ones – never give up hope.

I’m very optimistic, I’m pretty fearless – I’ve faced most of what we fear in life, illness, death (not my own), loss, poverty, pain, humiliation and I’ve survived it all so I know if I ever go there again it’s not impossible to recover.

I’m often misunderstood even though it all makes perfect sense to me.

People think I’m a mouthy leader type when really I’m not, I’m a detailer. I hate managing people and hate being praised for anything, winning awards kills me.I’m better at accepting praise now

I rarely drink, never gamble, don’t smoke (but used to), don’t take drugs either prescription or otherwise and always try to see good in every one and in every situation.

I’m naturally blonde but dye my hair brunette (really it’s probably grey now anyway), I have blue eyes and I’m 5’9″ tall. blonde again!

I can’t swim but love water. I learned to swim very quickly last year and swimming is one of my favourite pass times I’m increasing my stamina, improving my style and getting comfortable with open water swimming too.

Kefalonia, a Greek Ionian Island is my favourite place in the whole wide world. I arrive and burst into tears, it’s spiritual.

It’s my burning ambition to end my career as a volunteer teaching in some remote and deprived area of the world, God willing.

I truly believe the human brain is capable of healing the body.morese than ever

I dream and then go for my dreams.

I have a short attention span.

I believe a relationship can be like the early days throughout.

I love purple.

I care so much about other people.



6 thoughts on “Me, the fun stuff.”

  1. You seem to have a productive and fulfilling life. I’m looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Teaching is one of the most underrated professions of all. Good teachers transform lives.


    1. Thank you. So true and I aim to do just that. It’s a struggle some times but I was at a conference at the weekend where I witnessed exactly how to put what I want to achieve into practice and so this week sees the emergence of a new approach. I was getting somewhere before but this should see me moving forward with a new found vigor.


  2. You sound like such a fascinating person!

    And congratulations on your weight loss, as well! I’m currently on a weight loss journey myself, and I hope to find inspiration by reading your blog. I am looking forward to reading about your progress.

    May we encourage each other as we fight to lose the weight that’s holding us down!


  3. Hey! Great blog! Love that you are going after your dreams and not letting your relationship with food and self get in the way. You are so right… heal our mind and the rest of us is healed. If you’re interested, I have a community of women who are also on a journey with food, body, self, life etc. If you’re on FB we’re at We talk about what’s really going on behind the scenes similar to what you share here. It’d be awesome to connect more with you there!

    Liked by 1 person

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