Weight Loss Numbers

So I began this journey not daring to get on the scales. Secretly glad that mine were broken so I didn’t have to find out how much over 23 stones I weigh.

I had sat comfortably for years at 13/14 stone and was a fit and healthy size 10/12 believe it or not we all weigh heavy in my family and I am 5’9.

I then shifted up to a still comfortable fit and active 15/16 stone – gym every day, healthy diet supplemented with chocolate, cake, biscuits, crisps, pastries :O  wearing a size 16

I then held nothing back and hoofed up to 19 stone but still felt OK and was wearing a size 18/20 of course I’d never go over that…

When I fell back to 15 I got ill, very ill (not weight related). Steroids saw me gaining half a stone a week and ironically my cardio vascular system was remarked upon as being that of a 17 year old with big clear arteries, a steady blood pressure and healthy strong heart function (This was in my forties after 20 years of smoking, sometimes I just can’t make sense of the numbers)

I broke down (see under About me – more of me) and wound up here. There have been frequent fluctuations on the above since I started dieting when I was 15 and an enormous size 14! I know right, if only someone like me had taken me in hand and told me what I know now. I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo (hmmm where did I hear that phrase before?) and each time my settling point is heavier and heavier.

I’m assuming that as I’ve been healthy eating now for a week that this number was even worse this time last week and that I’ve already had my first week big loss. That helps me cope a little with this huge number. It makes me want to cry seeing it and I’m glad it does because as a fellow blogger said to me today, I am never going to see that weight again but I need to remember it so I don’t forget how easy it was to get here. Gosh I used to be horrified at the thought of weighing near 20 stone and now look at me, it feels insurmountable but I’m doing this, I am.

24 stone 11 pounds        347lbs            157.4 kgs      11 April 2014

24 stone 3 pounds          339lbs            153.8 kgs       18 April 2014

23 stone 12 pounds        334lbs            151.5 kgs       28 April 2014

23 stone  9 pounds         331lbs            150.1 kgs       05 May 2014

23 stone  7 pounds         329lbs            149.21 kgs      12 May 2014

23 stone 3 pounds           325lbs             147.41kgs      26 May 2014

22 stone 0 pounds           308lbs              139.71kgs      29 June 2014

21 stone 3 pounds           297lbs              134.71kgs      18 July 2014

20 stone 10 pounds         290lbs              131.5 kgs        28 July 2014

20 stone 5 pounds           285lbs              129.3 kgs       4 Aug 2014

20 stones 0 pounds         280lbs               127.0 kgs      11 Aug 2014

19 stones 4 pounds         270lbs                122.47kgs     29 Aug 2014

19 stones 0 pounds         266lbs                120.66kgs     9 Sept 2014

18 stones 10 pounds       262lbs                118.846kgs     22 Sept 2014

18 stones 02 pounds       254lbs                115.21kgs     20 Oct 2014

17 stones 10 pounds       246lbs                111.58kgs     07 Nov 2014

16 stones 12 pounds       236lbs                107.05kgs     11 Dec 2014

16 stones 6 pounds         230lbs                104.33 kgs     11 Jan 2015

15 stones 13 pounds       223lbs                 101.15 kgs     13 Feb 2015

14 stones 2 pounds         198lbs                  89.81kgs        30 Mar 2015


8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Numbers”

  1. Well done!! It must be so encouraging to see the change in your body and I would imagine your energy levels and general well-being as well. I’ve just started a 100 Healthy Day challenge as I think I was also yo-yo-ing. I definitely find blogging/journaling is helping to focus me. I’ll be following your adventures!


    1. Thank you. All the best with your challenge. I wish I could grab every young girl (or younger girl) and point out the ills of yo-yoing, it’s so definitely not the way to go. I’d say it’s better to have 6 days of healthy eating and exercise and a day off where you have what you want and slob out than to diet like crazy and then return to normal.

      You are so right about the added extras there are so many and I do list them now and then because to me they are the real achievements that make this worthwhile, when I could cross my legs again, use the bath without a struggle, fit in my shower cubicle, my cycle returned to normal, just so many little things that we are too ashamed to even admit are a problem, it restores your dignity and that makes you stronger.

      The blogging community is so supportive and inspirational and whatever way you are getting healthier you will find someone doing it the same way and when you’re struggling there will be someone who has struggled too and who has come out the other side.

      I’ll watch your journey with interest.


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