Gaining Time

I was commenting with a fellow blogger earlier today and something occurred to me which hadn’t occurred to me before.

I figure that since I’ve been waking up earlier and getting active much earlier I have bought myself some more time and more time means more life and I don’t just mean by exercising and making myself healthier I’ll live longer, gosh there are no guarantees of that, that is a hope, but I mean more time literally and more immediately.

giphyI’m not a morning person and it’s taken me a while to turn my lifestyle around to a point where I can bounce out of bed at 5am and head straight off to exercise. 5am was the middle of the night to me before and I seriously struggled to get out of bed at 7am. Admitted I do tend to have a nap in the evening when I get home from work or right after dinner but I always did that anyhow and I went to bed earlier than I do now, most nights now I’m still wide away at midnight and into the early hours of the morning. It took small changes bit by bit, step by step until I achieved what I would have thought impossible.

I figured that due to these changes I pack so much more into my life, it’s fuller and richer and way more active and if I consider that I gained on average around 3 hours of productive wakefulness per day then over the course of a week that equates to around 21 hours of extra time. I almost bought myself a whole day of extra time per week. Time when I’m living when I would have otherwise been sleeping.

Over the course of one year that is 52 days, we’re talking about almost 2 months worth time-managementof extra life! Isn’t that something? When I think of how many months I have wasted I feel sad for myself, sad that I was just letting life happen around me and I wasn’t engaging in it properly. I feel sad for myself and sad for my kids. I was just wasting it away, hoping for as much sleep as possible to free me from my miserable self.

I’m a lucky lady, my kids have loved me through it and in spite of it all, still thinking I’ve been a great mum and at times I know I maybe really wasn’t, but you’ll never catch them saying that. I guess my worst is someone else’s best and they have just been grateful for me being here and they’re compassionate souls, perhaps they knew how hard a battle I was having, how life got the better of me for a moment there and for once I crumbled.

How lucky am I that they upheld me and don’t hate me for it and how much more lucky are we all that now we have an extra day a week for me to be an awesome mum in? I don’t mean even just being there for them and doing things with them, but in the example I’m setting constantly. My son complained that there is nothing ‘naughty’ in the house to eat and I said he is free to go and buy naughty things if he wishes but he said “No ma, I like being healthier, I have so much more stamina at football lately and my bleep test is improved so much it’s crazy and I’m not going to put anything in your way when you’re doing so well anyway”.

“No ma, I like being healthier” that is music to my ears.  I’m teaching or rather reinforcing a healthy lifestyle in my kids by example as opposed to just telling them. So many years of eating rubbish in secret because I didn’t want them to pick up my bad habits. They’re behind me now.

I see my beautiful daughter’s face on Skype nearly every day knowing she’s buying herself time too.  I see her glowing, makeInfinity-Time1 up free, skin healthy and flawless, dark thick luscious black shiny hair, bright eyes, beautiful teeth, huge smiles, flashing her healthy long nails showing me what colour they are today. I hear her tell me of her latest sporting adventure and how much she’s enjoying her super active life and listen to her tell me how she cooked her dinner that night, hear her talk about the different types of ingredient she put in to her salad, the fat free dressing she made, how she cooked her lean meat, flavouring it up with juices and herbs and my soul soars, over such a simple thing.

All of this inspires me, it’s not all about me, nothing I do is about me ever since I had those two beauties placed in my arms, this that I am doing was inspired by them. I wanted more time with them I didn’t want them to be without me too soon, but I didn’t realise how much more it would be about them. How they would take this new healthy lifestyle up and run with it, living with me or not, they are with me, they are part of our strong, strong little triangle of a family and any time I can claw back to spend being their mum, their example and their inspiration is precious time.

images (2)2 extra months a year to enjoy life, 2 extra months a year to live while others are sleeping, 2 extra months a year to make up for those years spent waiting to die. Life is great, there is so much out there for us, we just have to stretch ourselves a little so we can take it.

The best fruits are at the top of the tree, reach for them.



I passed my 300th blog post yesterday and thought it deserved a celebration. 

So… for my 300th post I am going to share something related to that number. This is a short video about the ‘300 workout’.The official workout used by the actors to prepare for the movie of the same name. It was high intensity designed to build muscle fast and to add definition so they all looked fab in their little outfits… and they did too.

Believe it or not, this is similar to what I do with Darren, the same kind of things, away from conventional machines and more of a struggle with my own strength and will. Sometimes I watch the guys who are good at this (believe me when I say I do a ‘version’ of this) and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do anything close to what they do and wish I’d done this when I was much younger because I actually enjoy it. I love the challenge, the aggression, the ‘out of comfort zone’ feel of it all, I love the exhaustion too. Somehow it’s easier to push yourself to exhaustion when you’re dragging a tyre or a box with a 17 stone man in it behind you than it is to sit pressing, pushing or pulling levers, or jogging nowhere on a treadmill. 

As old and as big as I still am I can do some of this stuff and I know I’m lucky that I have a good level of fitness in spite of my weight and I have the mobility and lack of health problems which allow me to pursue such hobbies (that’s what it is officially for me now because I enjoy it) but it still impresses me that I can even try some of this let alone have small successes. I 300-2would never have known if I hadn’t given it a go and thought “to hell with what anyone watching thinks”. To be fair I get a few cheers from people who are around when I’m being put through my paces, which is wonderfully supportive and I’m grateful to those kind hearted people who know this isn’t easy. I think they know, as I do, that I’m not hoping or imagining that I’ll ever look like the guys from the film nor would I want to. They know I’m doing this to lose weight and get fitter but who cares what they think. Mostly though we do this early and nobody is around or we use one of the class work out spaces so we have more privacy. It isn’t too expensive and I pay for it using money I would otherwise have spent on crap to eat and I don’t have much time in my day but it give me so much more time because it energises me so I need less sleep and it helps me get through tasks faster.

You know how with churches where they pay a tithing and they say if you have faith and give you will receive more back and you have to kind of take that leap of faith to really understand what that means, that it doesn’t mean you give 100 pounds or dollars and you get 1000 back the next day, but somehow your remaining money goes further, you get a promotion, someone suddenly wants to buy your artwork, you have a long standing loan suddenly repaid… that kind of thing, well this is like those stories. You make the effort to get out of bed an hour earlier even though you are finding it tough and somehow you find that it feels like you have 25 or even 26 hours in the day… you just fit more in. It’s magic. Well, we know it’s not magic, it’s those intangible rewards that we get from trying, from investing in a positive way, for having faith, for having courage. I say this all of the time but it’s true, this is not all about weight loss and body shape, it’s about so much more. It’s about taking ownership of our lives again or for the first time, giving ourselves more options and more time to enjoy everything we’ve been denying ourselves.

So my 300th post message is, push yourself to a new level, have the courage to go for it, you can not appreciate the rewards you don’t open yourself up to. 

Two tips for healthy lifestylers

A couple of things which I’ve learned this week.

Tip number one: if you have to bake something delicious for a school fete or fair or (as we did for a charity event) either make it something healthy or if you don’t want to be a party pooper make it something fatty and sweet and sugary and creamy and sticky and stodgy but don’t make something that you would serve as individual bakes. Make a whole pie, flan, quiche, cake, tart, loaf or whatever that way you won’t eat any before you make your donation (unless you are totally shameless of course). Doing this helped me to survive a baking session my daughter suddenly remembered a promise to donate to on Friday just as we were about to head off on our trip. It nearly killed me but it was so much easier not to eat anything. If I had made individual cup cakes or tarts or biscuits I would have stuffed several for sure. I’m not that strong and probably never will be.

Tip number two: enlist people who will push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to exercise (remember exercise is movement it doesn’t have to be what we would consider formal exercise, it can be any movement that you are capable of doing without injury or discomfort). This can be a trainer or a friend or a child… my kids were awesome on this trip at really pushing me. When I had had enough and really thought I could not walk another step they encouraged me, they didn’t let me stop and sit down where I was, they coaxed me another step and another and set me goals and challenges and every hill I conquered was another huge triumph for all of us. They would let me rest at the top but until the top there was no giving up. My son said “If it’s just aching muscles or tiredness you’re keeping going if you can’t breathe or are about to die we’ll let you stop”. It was always aching muscles and tiredness so I had to keep on going. They used all kinds of tactics including the favourite – telling me to imagine they were at the top of the hill injured and asking if I would just give up on them or keep going. They are hard task masters but it worked, they pushed me and made me feel proud of myself and that was the intention.

If you really have nobody to do this then don’t just say you have nobody, find it in yourself to do it for yourself, you have to let your desire to be fitter, thinner, healthier, to live longer, or whatever it is push you further than you feel you can go. I’ve learned from Darren that it’s when we really go beyond our boundaries that we burn the fat, that we find our true strength and that we start to have more faith in ourselves. It works in more ways than the physical.


Camping with no camp bed or inflatable lying more or less on the ground is not very comfy. I feel like someone has been jumping on me wearing football boots. However I slept well because I was so exhausted every night. We walked miles and clambered over fences through hedges waded through swamps … OK so a couple of creeks but you know, luxury this was not!  However, fun it most certainly was! I don’t think we’ve laughed so much as a family ever and we laugh a lot as a family.  I don’t think we ever felt so close either, it was beautiful just being out in the middle of nowhere walking and talking no technology, just each other and the scenery for company.

The time passed too quickly and I ate a jam and cream scone. Thought I would sneak that one in. Mostly though we ate soup, tasty cartons of nice soup low in everything and given some substance by following it with lots of fruit. I was hungry quite a bit so I think I might have a good weight loss this week as I imagine my calorific intake and volume of food was rather lower than it has been of late.

Today we left my daughter to enjoy her own space again and we returned home ready to start back at work and school. It’s been a tremendous summer break, I have loved every minute of it even though now it all seems like a dream and as if it passed in a few moments. Only the heap of laundry, a mish mash of salty sandy beach wear and muddy wind blown camping gear,  bears testament to the past couple of weeks having been a reality.

Tomorrow I’m only in work for a couple of hours,  our students are back next week but there is prep to do for those first days when we’ll be putting the new intake through their paces, enthusing and orientating them. Even though there have been induction days already, there are many who haven’t attended and who will be in need of some familiarisation, so now starts the political mine field of ascertaining who is going to do what. I’m easy I’ll do as much as I can possibly fit in, it’s all very much worth it. It helps settle students and helps with building an early rapport both of which help tremendously with classroom management and engagement.

My son is back to school the day after and we swung into town before we left my daughter to pick him up a new uniform. I had to leave it until the eleventh hour as he’s been growing at a crazy rate this summer, if I had bought it at the beginning of the holidays he would be going to school looking like Bruce Banner after he’d been made angry.

We had a nice journey back by train which I spent responding to work emails and my son spent arranging his social life. His pre-start back excitement has begun with friends all busy messaging one another arranging meet ups and trying to coordinate buses and journeys. He’d missed out on some of it as we were technology-less while we were camping and so he had lots to come back to and I think that added to the fun. He also helped arrange a final summer holiday day out tomorrow for a big group of them so he’s looking forward to that and the weather promises to be good for them too. This will be his last full year at school, even though they have raised the age of compulsory participation in mandatory education in England now to 17 (it was previously 16) and his is the first year it affects, he will continue at college for his A levels. His next academic year is cut short as those who are taking their GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) have their final year (year 11) cut short as most teaching is done and exams sat by the Easter break or not long after. Time flies once the kids are in school, it’s that breaking up of the year into three chunks that does it I think, it feels like only yesterday when I headed off to take him to school for the first time in the snow when he started one cold January morning back in 2004.

Nick’s going to come and visit at the weekend all being well. I had a few texts from him when we arrived back with civilisation. I assured him we’d survived and then had a good catch up chat this evening. We had a takeaway this evening for dinner. I was too tired to start cooking and so we had what I’d seen in the Times newspaper a good few years ago the takeaway which was voted the most healthy by far, a chicken shish kebab with salad. It was lovely and I avoided the chips and garlic sauce and opted for some chilli and a big glass of kambucha to get my system flushed with the stuff again. I’ve not had any for ages and I do feel less ‘bright’ without it. I do feel it is a real tonic for me if nothing else. I also downed a big glass of kefir which had my gut rumbling like an old washing machine within about half an hour but it settled and I’m sure it’s doing its thing.

Both of the cultures survived neglect just fine and at least now I know that I can leave them unattended for a while with no damage (it’s like having pets culturing food). My wheat grass had been harvested before we left so I’ve set a new batch now and my veg patches are ready to be harvested of spinach and lettuce so there will be lots of green salads going on this week.

Back to Darren tomorrow, I was supposed to go today but just had zero energy when we arrived home, it was all I could manage to do the laundry so it’s been a very lazy day for me but back at it tomorrow. I think I deserved a rest day that hill walking was gruelling, I’m not sure I was fit enough for it but I did it, it was tough though but a challenge I’m glad I accepted and didn’t back down from.

Under 20 – if only I was talking about my age

Somehow this post got lost so I’m reposting.

Today I weighed in at 270 pounds which is 19 stone 4 pounds for we Brits out there and 122.5 kgs for the Aussies and continentals . This means:

  • I’m under 20 stones for the first time in a long time
  • I’ve lost 77 pounds (five and a half stones) in total since I started on this rocky road in April 2014
  • I got to wipe out 2 chunks of Tracey today and she is now over half gone! Check out the visual at the top of my blog and see her disappearing
  • I’m no longer morbidly obese on a BMI chart…  just obese which doesn’t make me happy but it makes me a whole world happier than when I was super morbidly obese at the beginning of this. I am told that this means I have reduced my chances of dying early from an obesity related health condition significantly. No numbers, but that will do for me
  • I have lost around 22% of my starting body weight, noticeable health gains are reported to begin at around 10% loss as some of the first fat to go is believed to be that which is stored internally around the organs. It feels good knowing my organs are not being choked so much by the fat I put there and what’s more I can feel it
  • I lost 10lbs while on a holiday (well mostly but definitely in the last 18 days). I know now that I don’t have to put weight on when I’m on holiday, it’s not a prerequisite to stuff unhealthy food and not enjoy any exercise. Also you can dine out and entertain and have birthday cake in the middle of all that too without gaining weight – it is possible

I cried when I got weighed. The reason being that in all my fat years I had always thought that going over 20 stones (280 pounds) was something I would never allow myself to do and I also thought that if I ever did go over that weight it would be irrecoverable. I felt it was a bridge too far to bring myself back from that size. Secretly throughout this I have feared that I couldn’t do it, I definitely thought I couldn’t at the beginning and here I am. I didn’t even jump off the scale as I usually do, I stood right on it and cried and kept looking down at it as if it was reading 140 pounds and I’d surpassed my goal. This right here is the first of my real BIG goals, this is my kind of half way marker.

I know the way I’m built and I know that if I can repeat this I’m there, I’m slim and healthy and fit, regardless of what the charts and scales say. I know it’s not going to be so easy to do this next mountain climb, that my body will get used to the food and the exercise and my weight loss will slow as I haul around less and less weight. I know I’ll have to step it up and I know that I’ll have to really work hard for this and continue to make the things I’m beginning to enjoy a real part of my life. I know I’m going to face weeks where I lose nothing and I know the winter is going to present a whole new load of challenges for me, I love winter warming stodgy fatty foods but I’m already working on some recipe ideas so that my winter foods are just as fab as my summer ones are/were. I realised the importance of planning a long time ago and so I’m already thinking of where my danger zones are going to be and how to get around them.

I’m just happy today, I’ve had a tremendous summer, I’ve had a fabulous holiday with a gorgeous wonderful man who will be in my life forever and most of all I have two of the most amazing kids in the world who make me feel complete and who have given my life true purpose for over twenty years and who have made me realise that I really want a future, I want to be here as long as I possibly can be for them and for myself.  Besides being their mum I want life after intensive motherhood, I want lots of years of grown up lady time. There’s so much I still have to do and I am planning on doing as much of it as I can and losing this weight is going to help me achieve it all.

I’m heading into those hills tomorrow at a brisk pace, 5 months ago I could barely walk to the kitchen. I’m going to breathe that country air in deep and I’m going to challenge myself in ways I’ve never done before… no obstacle is getting in my way. I’m going under them and over them and through them if need be.

If you’re reading this thinking you have an impossible task ahead of you, if you think losing nearly 200 pounds to be the person you want to be is a bridge too far, please know that it’s not. When you are prompted to act and you feel now is your time to do this, go for it. Take the journey mentally, emotionally, physically and you will change yourself and change your life. So much awaits you it’s impossible for me to tell you everything that there is but don’t deny yourself anymore. Chocolate and crisps, cake and TV dinners are not worth it, they really are not. Hating yourself is not the way to go, find out why you’re doing this and have a good talk to yourself. The strength is inside you, you just have to unlock it and it trickles out at first but before you know it you are bowled over by the heaps of the stuff that start to flood out and empower you to be who you deserve to be and what you deserve to be… simply happy.  

Which brings me to the video up at the top. If all you can manage today is to grab a tambourine and stand up or even sit down and shake it along to this song, or if you can stand up and shake it and smack it against your booty, if you don’t have a tambourine and can only clap or wave your hands in the air or step from one foot to another you are moving, even if you are in a wheelchair and just roll yourself back and forth an inch you are doing something positive and if anyone doesn’t feel better after listening to this song and moving, they need to come talk to me 😛

Last day: sharks, pirates, boats, planes, control, fear, rebirth and more…

I’m having such a fab time if it wasn’t for the children I would find it difficult to leave but tomorrow that is what we shall be doing, leaving 😦

I’m so looking forward to seeing them again and hearing about their adventures and to heading on our little camping trip together which is going to be a whole world away from this experience in many ways but in others it will be similar, especially in a ‘bringing me closer back to nature’ kind of way. Perhaps more so as we are not camping in any parks but out in the wilds so we’re going right back to basics.

Setting the scene
Setting the scene

But back to where we are now. The past two days we spent on a hired yacht, well 24 hours from lunch time to lunch time yesterday but what a delightful 24 hours they were aboard our borrowed 70 foot floating villa. In some ways challenging as I’m so full of energy right now and being cooped up in a relatively small space is not good when you’re bursting with energy but I found ways to cope.

We swam. I finally laid my fear of shark attacks in open water aside and enjoyed it although tentatively at first.  I did an aerobic workout to some music on the deck and we did some middle of nowhere Tai-Chi twice. Once in the pitch dark and once as the sun was rising. We ate dinner out in the middle of a dark ocean. If you’ve never tried it it’s a bit scary I’ll tell you. You hear things, like splashes and can only wonder what made the noise and you see the odd light but nothing much else. We weren’t too distant from shore but distant enough for it to be a far off strip of light.

I wished I’d never watched Captain Phillips as I developed a sure and certain conviction that we were going to be boarded by pirates even though the modest crew assured us that was not going to happen.

It’s rather a primitive state of existence out there, it’s like someone switched the responsiveness of your senses around. You suddenly hear things you wouldn’t normally detect and you see things you really don’t notice… like the stars. Oh wow, the stars are something else when it’s pitch black on Earth. Electric lighting has robbed us of a veritable nocturnal spectacular for sure. I’ve not seen a sky like that in so long, maybe back when I plodded my way around bits of Africa.

I think focusing on the night sky finally enabled me to lay my fears and anxieties aside. We’ve done some snuggled down night sky gazing from our accommodation and from the beach but the spectacular really revealed itself out there that night with no light contamination from anywhere. I realised lying there that my irrational anxieties about being boarded by pirates, fear of what was swimming around us in the darkness, my feeling of helplessness on the sea were all born of my need to be in control. If you can’t see, if you don’t know where you’re going, if there’s nothing to listen to, if there’s no point of reference for much, then control is taken away from you. There’s not a lot left for you to actually take charge of, other than yourself.

I kind of had the beginnings of this epiphany while we were flying over to Miami, I hate flying and that is simply because I have no control, I can’t see where I’m going so I feel very much at the mercy of someone else. Realising this helped me to relax and enjoy the flight so much more. It was easier to this as the way we flew meant I did feel closer to the seat of control,  perhaps more influential, although in real terms of course I had no control at all. Just thinking of those things helped me to understand my fear, rationalise it and enjoy it taking a back seat for a change. It wasn’t gone but it wasn’t at the forefront of the flying experience like it normally is.

Back to the boat…I had nothing to do and no part to play in where I was going, I couldn’t see much and couldn’t hear anything familiar and it was beautiful but unnerving to the point where the beauty was in danger of evading me. It was only when I was made to look up, in fact I didn’t need to look up, the sky came down to meet us, but when I was made to look at it, it was only then that I really appreciated my insignificance in terms of time and space and I realised that I’m not really in control of anything anyway. I asked myself what do I control at the end of the day and do I need to be in control of anything at all? Does holding the reins really make me feel any better, does it serve any advantage or is it actually detrimental to my enjoyment of life? I’ve had a good chat with myself if nothing else.

I had a lovely talk with Nick about this too, about how much of what happens to us happens anyway and will happen anyway and so we may as well just yield to it and go with it, not fight it, not try to control it. It’s a place he’s already in and has been for some time and he laughed as I joined him there.  I thought about how I could see the stars but if there had been anyone near one of them they wouldn’t be able to see me, I’d just be lost in the darkness, nothing, invisible, unseen. I wondered if trying to control anything was not only pointless but put us in danger of enjoying the real delights the world has to offer which can only truly be enjoyed when we lay ourselves open, bare and without the shackles of what we think of as essential for life.

I realised eating disorders are all about control, I don’t have control issues because I have an eating disorder, I have an eating disorder because I have control issues. I’ve always felt like the world was against me, like I had to fight something for what I wanted, like I had to prove myself, like there was an invisible or even visible enemy always trying to thwart my attempts to achieve anything. That battle’s been going on since I was a cute little girl, it’s why I’m so feisty and always have been, I’ve been fighting my whole life for acceptance and I finally see that I only have to accept myself, I can’t control what anyone else does or thinks, I don’t have to influence their actions, it’s not my fault if other people are unkind, unhappy, uncaring, unloving, all of those ‘uns’. It’s not my fault and I don’t have to try to change them. All I need do is be myself and concentrate on making me happy. Funny thing is, the less I try the easier being happy gets.

I don’t know it all got very deep out there in more ways than one. I just felt an even more profound sense of relaxation on a whole other level. In short… I’m so insignificant nothing really matters, that could sound pretty morbid but it’s not, it’s far from it.

I’m going through some kind of awakening. I really feel that I’ve been in a mid life crisis for the past 5 years or so and this is my emergence as an ‘elder’. I feel like I’m shedding my youth skin and growing a new mature layer which is richer, more flexible, more comfortable to live in. I’m feeling very much as if I’m on about my fourth phase of life and that I have more phases yet to experience.

I think that I was unwittingly mourning my youth, mourning the woman I’d lost sight of, floudering in a world where I didn’t fit, I didn’t want to fit and I wasn’t sure of my place or what I could bring with me, but now it’s all clear, I know who I am and what I’m bringing, I know where I’m going and I know what there is for me to do there and I’m relaxed and happy to be on the journey, I’m not fighting anymore, I’m not worried about pirates coming to rob me, I’m not worried about nasty people coming to hurt me, I’m not worried about anyone taking anything from me, I’m not letting a fear of shark attack stop me from enjoying the freedom of swimming in the ocean, I’m opening up my doors and not worrying about who is going to come in, I’m just grateful for the light and air that can make its way through now.

It’s a great feeling. When I started out I saw this as a caterpillar to butterfly like journey and I thought that it was all about my weight and my  health but it has turned out to be about a catharsis so much more deep and meaningful than that, it’s been about my transition through the final part of the middle phase of my existence it’s been like a rebirth, like I was being prepared and this last bit is the squeeze through the canal into my  new life and I feel like I’m about crowning now and on the cusp of something wonderful, something I had feared and fought and didn’t feel I’d earned the right to yet and that is a relaxed, self indulgent, worry free middle age. I don’t need to be a kid to be happy. I don’t need to feel old to be a grown up. I’m a vibrant, beautiful, happy woman who has achieved so much and has so much yet to achieve.

I might not feel like that in the next couple of days out on the cold Welsh hills in a tent with a tin of beans but I’m going with it and whatever happens, happens, it’s a new experience and I get to do it with the people I love the most, my amazing children… something I undoubtedly did well in my life and have not celebrated anywhere near enough.


I used to hate mornings they were just another reminder that I had yet another day to drag myself through, at weekends I’d do all I could to avoid them altogether. Now though I love mornings. I enjoy the fact that I woke up to get to live another day and I love filling my lungs with the fresh morning air. I’m mindful that it is not very warm back home at the minute and morning beach Tai chi sessions may be limited and these outdoor morning swims are definitely numbered but I’m thinking that I’m still going to stick to early rising in the autumn and winter and I’m going to wrap up warm if necessary and get out even if only for a brisk walk, energise myself, breathe clear air and start my days off well.

I think I need to live somewhere like this where everyday is condusive to early morning outdoor exercise but as I don’t I’m sitting here thinking that I do have to have a plan to transition my exercise and eating habits from summer to winter back home or else I’m going to hit a rough patch. I’m not a winter person so I know motivation is going to be hard and mentally I will be in a lower mood so this whole joi de vivre could be in jeopardy. I doubt I will suffer from post holiday blues as I am going to be so excited to be back with my kids. I’m not too good at this being without them I constantly feel like I’ve lost something.
Planning is key now and it’s crucial to spot those hurdles and prepare for them. I need to find ways to make as much as possible of any daylight we get in winter and soak up some sun when it shows itself even if that is whilst wearing thermals and a massive coat. I have one amazing thing to look forward to this winter…massive sweaters to snuggle down in. I kept a couple of my old ones and they are going to be so huge and awesomely oversized and I can’t wait to lose myself in them with a good pair of snuggly socks and pj bottoms. That is a luxury I have not had in a while…over sized anything.

But for now I’m enjoying what is left of our holiday, nursing a bit of a hungover man today, he over did it last night but bravely faced morning exercise and breakfast then sloped back off to bed. I need to teach him about moderation. Although it’s given me chance to Skype the kids and to do a bit of blogging and I even braved a few work emails to wear down the pile a bit.  I think I might get myself a huge glass of coconut milk and lie down in the sun and read for a while. Life is pretty sweet at the moment and I’m going to enjoy it but keep an eye on what’s ahead.