Gaining Time

I was commenting with a fellow blogger earlier today and something occurred to me which hadn’t occurred to me before.

I figure that since I’ve been waking up earlier and getting active much earlier I have bought myself some more time and more time means more life and I don’t just mean by exercising and making myself healthier I’ll live longer, gosh there are no guarantees of that, that is a hope, but I mean more time literally and more immediately.

giphyI’m not a morning person and it’s taken me a while to turn my lifestyle around to a point where I can bounce out of bed at 5am and head straight off to exercise. 5am was the middle of the night to me before and I seriously struggled to get out of bed at 7am. Admitted I do tend to have a nap in the evening when I get home from work or right after dinner but I always did that anyhow and I went to bed earlier than I do now, most nights now I’m still wide away at midnight and into the early hours of the morning. It took small changes bit by bit, step by step until I achieved what I would have thought impossible.

I figured that due to these changes I pack so much more into my life, it’s fuller and richer and way more active and if I consider that I gained on average around 3 hours of productive wakefulness per day then over the course of a week that equates to around 21 hours of extra time. I almost bought myself a whole day of extra time per week. Time when I’m living when I would have otherwise been sleeping.

Over the course of one year that is 52 days, we’re talking about almost 2 months worth time-managementof extra life! Isn’t that something? When I think of how many months I have wasted I feel sad for myself, sad that I was just letting life happen around me and I wasn’t engaging in it properly. I feel sad for myself and sad for my kids. I was just wasting it away, hoping for as much sleep as possible to free me from my miserable self.

I’m a lucky lady, my kids have loved me through it and in spite of it all, still thinking I’ve been a great mum and at times I know I maybe really wasn’t, but you’ll never catch them saying that. I guess my worst is someone else’s best and they have just been grateful for me being here and they’re compassionate souls, perhaps they knew how hard a battle I was having, how life got the better of me for a moment there and for once I crumbled.

How lucky am I that they upheld me and don’t hate me for it and how much more lucky are we all that now we have an extra day a week for me to be an awesome mum in? I don’t mean even just being there for them and doing things with them, but in the example I’m setting constantly. My son complained that there is nothing ‘naughty’ in the house to eat and I said he is free to go and buy naughty things if he wishes but he said “No ma, I like being healthier, I have so much more stamina at football lately and my bleep test is improved so much it’s crazy and I’m not going to put anything in your way when you’re doing so well anyway”.

“No ma, I like being healthier” that is music to my ears.  I’m teaching or rather reinforcing a healthy lifestyle in my kids by example as opposed to just telling them. So many years of eating rubbish in secret because I didn’t want them to pick up my bad habits. They’re behind me now.

I see my beautiful daughter’s face on Skype nearly every day knowing she’s buying herself time too.  I see her glowing, makeInfinity-Time1 up free, skin healthy and flawless, dark thick luscious black shiny hair, bright eyes, beautiful teeth, huge smiles, flashing her healthy long nails showing me what colour they are today. I hear her tell me of her latest sporting adventure and how much she’s enjoying her super active life and listen to her tell me how she cooked her dinner that night, hear her talk about the different types of ingredient she put in to her salad, the fat free dressing she made, how she cooked her lean meat, flavouring it up with juices and herbs and my soul soars, over such a simple thing.

All of this inspires me, it’s not all about me, nothing I do is about me ever since I had those two beauties placed in my arms, this that I am doing was inspired by them. I wanted more time with them I didn’t want them to be without me too soon, but I didn’t realise how much more it would be about them. How they would take this new healthy lifestyle up and run with it, living with me or not, they are with me, they are part of our strong, strong little triangle of a family and any time I can claw back to spend being their mum, their example and their inspiration is precious time.

images (2)2 extra months a year to enjoy life, 2 extra months a year to live while others are sleeping, 2 extra months a year to make up for those years spent waiting to die. Life is great, there is so much out there for us, we just have to stretch ourselves a little so we can take it.

The best fruits are at the top of the tree, reach for them.